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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bozie, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Today I gave in and went to my local grow shop after saying I would not due trouble thinking its the only one for miles around and cops would be watching it.

    Well it turns out the cops haven't been watching it. Not one bit as some people broke into it lastnight and emptied the lot out. The bloke who owns the shop knew what I was asking for and why lol and we had a very good chat about tomatoes lol. I now feels sorry for this man as he had pplut everythinginto it and now its all gone.

    The lack of respect for hard working business men like him apauls me deeply considering what a nice man he is. I for one will be visiting and trying to help him out where I can now.
  2. Yes... "Tomatoes" :smoke:
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  3. ......and just who do you think suspects you of being a tea leaf? (thief) .....wise up kid, he thinks you were casing the joint, stick to e-bay, theres less stress
  4. Usually when someone comes to "case the joint" they do so before the burglary, not the day after. At that point they already have a pretty good idea on inventory.
  5. was just about to say that. The mans shop is empty they took everything apart from soil.
  6. Man that sucks. Hopefully he had some insurance.
    Too bad ya didn't find him sooner.
    I was in the boat. There's a little nursery close by but I was always nervous to stop by.
    The wife and I stopped on Mother's Day and as she was looking at flowers I was in the grow section.
    When the owner come over we started talkin and he's a cool guy.
    I've been taking the wife up every weekend to get flowers and I just pick his brain a little.
    He's given me some super good deals on stuff like my light and tent. And tons of free samples.
    My wife thinks its funny everytime we go and be starts talkin about growing big stinky tomatoes.
  7. Been in today to see the man and how he's coming on.

    No insurance, no cameras (loss of custom, no real security

    Luckily one of his suppliers have pulled through and used there own insurance to help him out but that was mainly tents still has to get back all his lights nutes vents fans the lot.

    Offered a hand to him to help him out voluntary but he's a little on edge. Told him no hassle balls in his court.

    Poor man's gotta scratch at the door for scraps for the next few months now.

    if we all had a smoke, we wouldn't need war


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