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Poor? Hungry? Get free food!

Discussion in 'General' started by Dreadlocker, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Sup blades well if you are poor and hungry go to your ocal dept of health and social services (welfare office) and apply for foodstamps! I just got 176 a month for food im excited! It was super easy took about 3 hours. Now im sittin here munchin on free donuts and shit! pro......
  2. Dude i never thought of it like that. More money for bud and i get to take advantage of the system. Good find + rep. :hello:
  3. ugh socialism
  4. Socialsim is fun . If it were more communist we'd all have to wait until everyone got a food stamp before we could use them lol.
  5. good idea. even check out local food banks. I hate being poor :(
  6. You could just find a job

    But if you like taking taxpayers hard earned money...go right ahead.....You have money to buy weed...maybe you should buy some food with that...don't want to sound like a dick...but it's shit like that....it pisses me right off
  7. No offense, but if you don't have enough money for food, stop buying weed. Or buy less of it.

    I can't stand people that take advantage of the bullshit handouts our government has available. It's also hipocritcal to hate on the government for criminalizing marijuana but then turn around and suck from their teet.
  8. fuck haters. i just spent a year workin for americopr doing hard physical labor in extreme weather and remote locations i worked my ass off. i have to pay rent, insurance, all sorts of things on 8 bucks an hour. I also am a TAXPAYER. so if there is a benifits system that makes it so i can afford to EAT for the 2 months until my job at the ski hill starts u can be sure as shit im gonna do it. this is the first government handout i have ever got. so fuck u tellin me to get a job (im lookin ive only been out of work for 1 week and i have a temp job tommorow). calln me a fuckin leech cause i dont like to go hungry man fuck u.

  9. do u even know that not everyone is a fuckin tool that has to buy weed?
  10. You're one of few.

    And telling me to shut the fuck up is getting you places, really. Good job.
  11. #12 PennLaxPlayer, Oct 8, 2008
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    Were not sucking from thier teet. I gots bills and tuition to pay for and i can still afford a little bit o bud on the side. Its not like im starving myself for bud, thad make no sense cuz id be right at the refrigerator after i blazed looking for food and wishing i hadnt bought weed.

    Think about youre main arguement too. Were not being hypocrits, maybe if theyd legalize marijuana and tax it theyd have more money for the food stamps *GASP*.

    Edit: And the how many millions they spend on the war on marijuana and the UTERLEY RETARDED Above the influece commercials..... If there going to waiste our taxes on anti drug commercials make it a little better then a 8th grade power point.
  12. How can people get mad about others feeding themselves with tax money? Those same people don't complain about the millions of tax dollars used to build all the underground facilities around the US. That's big money.

  13. my 170 a month is prett pale in comparision to all my money that funds murder. im taking anything i can from the government.

  14. I totally understand what you're saying. All that I am trying to say is...if your making 8 bucks an hour....get a better job...I milked the government too..I was on UI for 4 months and just partied all the money away...but then I went out and got a job. Do you know what I mean....if your not able to provide for yourself now what are you going to do in 3 years still collect the stamps....dude it's all about preparing yourself for life man...and trust me I am not where near prepaired.

  15. my job was really awesome it was stipemd volunteer work + a scholorship i wouldntask for any better job. i had a great time and got many certifications and field experince in the ecology field :)

    basically im only getting stamps because i have 2 months of non steay income im doin pretty well formyself though in the big picture. no debt, got a car (that i dont use unless i have to ride bike everywhere else), pay for my own apartment, have 10k saved for school, so yea i dont plan to use for 3 years but they really help hungry people and i know many blades go through ough times so this thread is for them, not for u to bash them! sry if i come off abrassive hear but it riles me up to read some of these hater replies!
  16. eh man your doing very well for your self and you need to do what you have to do to survive.
    I'm not even that steady....But dude don't take anything I said the wrong way..it's so hard to voice opinions on forums without someone wondering if your offending them or not....but like I said man I collected unemployment for 4 months....so there it is...
    I'm only making 8.75 an hour...I'm 21 it's hard...and I am lucky I am not paying rent..which I was before but I am kinda "forgetting" about it. ANYWAYS...please take no offense to what I said dread :p
  17. [quote name='Dreadlocker']Sup blades well if you are poor and hungry go to your ocal dept of health and social services (welfare office) and apply for foodstamps! I just got 176 a month for food im excited! It was super easy took about 3 hours. Now im sittin here munchin on free donuts and shit! pro......[/quote]

    You think your a pro huh??? :rolleyes:

    i know id feel like a real pro havin 10 stacks in the bank and then going to the grocery store w/ stamps

    not raggin on your bro but i think its fuckin shitty as hell....sounds like your fuckin bragging bout how you got free fuckin donuts WTF????? cmon dude. food stamps are not something to brag about
  18. no im not braggin im tryin to get others psyched to go apply cause its helpfull! and i dont usally ever eat donuts but i wanted some good munchies to celebrate.
  19. It's certainty not hypocritical. As long as you've put the money into the system, there's no reason you don't deserve it. It was stolen from us in the first place. Whether or not if the OP has contributed to the system is obviously unknown.

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