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  1. So I have a part time job thats been shut down since March because of the virus and 2 days ago I got an email saying the region that I work in potentially wont be opening up again until fall/winter...and thats no good, I need some cash.

    So I've been applying to other part-times throughout the quarantine and 1 emailed me back yesterday for a shipping position basically saying I was good to go. I went on to indeed to look at the company reviews/job reviews (something I didnt do beforehand because I pretty much get baked and send my resume to anyone and forget in the a.m.) and every former employee that reviewed the company gave it 1/5 stars with a couple 2/5 also. Reviews of cliquey management, angry customers, being fired 2 weeks after starting, doesnt seem like a great place to work.

    I know people like to use review sections to complain but when there are 2 pages of 1 star reviews that might be a warning sign. Help me out here GC, should I drop my job thats on hiatus and take this one or wait for another opportunity?
  2. If your other gig is just on hiatus, can't you take on this one for some extra cash in the meantime, while waiting for business to start back up? If it really is bad, you won't have to feel bad for peacing out on little to no notice.

    Worst case, you quit/get fired from this new job real quick with some cash in your pocket. Best case, it's not so bad and you keep it long-term. In the meantime, you can keep applying for something better.
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