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poor college student...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by limetree, May 9, 2010.

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  1. i have literally no money for now (luckily summer is soon and i can get a summer job!) and i can't afford to buy any weed for now, so i am just taking a little break from it for a few weeks... anyhow i was cleaning out my drawers and i found some empty bags with a little bit left in each one and it added up to be enough for a few hits... :) not much, but hey, better than nothing!

    i wish i would've just bought weed instead of food last week! lol

  2. You need both to have a good time. :smoking:
  3. [​IMG]

    all you need
  4. correction[​IMG]
  5. seriously, ramen

  6. ^ THIS. Top Ramen > Maruchan

    Also, OP - any reason you can't get a job now?
  7. You guys are doing it wrong.

    You want this

  8. haha i wish there was weed flavored
  9. that sounds gross actually
  10. get a job on campus? problem solved

  11. i'm not allowed to get a campus job because i don't qualify for one since i don't qualify for any form of "financial aid" :(

    ramens a good idea lol, but i really only have a week left until summer anyhow. i'm vegetarian and ramen isn't vegetarian.

  12. small town, no jobs close to campus, no car because there is currently no parking available left, not allowed to get a job on campus... so :(
  13. #13 TYRELHAHA, May 10, 2010
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    vegatarians are gay. and how do ramen noodles have meat in them? they have spices flavored like meat

    Homophobia is not tolerated at the City bro. ~AK~

  14. That doesn't sound right. Most campus jobs are open to any student. Regardless of financial aid.

    And what is your situation that you don't qualify? I was making near $50k a year at my last job and am entirely independent and I still qualified for financial aid.

    Take a bus?
    And "no parking" - that doesn't make sense. There must be a way to can obtain a vehicle.. it doesn't sound right that they make you live on campus and you can't even have a car... very strange.
  15. Ramen Noodles. The other White meat.
  16. 1) Sorry, not all vegetarians are gay. What a dumb thing to say
    2) Most, if not all Ramen flavor packets contain animal by-products or flavorings derived from actual meat.
  17. #17 EvoMan454, May 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2010
    And the dumbass award of the year goes to...

    Seriously wtf? just because someone doesn't do the same things as you make them gay? Its ignorant assholes like you who make this world how it is. Being a fucking vegetarian has nothing to do with sexuality so take that shit some other place. Congratulations on making yourself sem like an immature under age asshole. All hostility intended, - rep for you

    Name-calling isn't allowed at GrassCity, even in a response to something you may offended by. Please just report all future posts. ~AK~

  18. I think he meant a normal job. you are thinking of work-study, which is when you work at the school you attend but you have to be an independent student. You should try working at one of the local student hotspots or something. That's what I'm gonna do in Boulder til I start my work study in august when financial aid for the 2010-11 start.

    He may still be under 24 yrs old. The federal gov't still looks at your parents' income still you are 24 then you can start using your own income. It's a shitty way of them doing it but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
  19. I did mean a normal job.. but I am not a "he"

    also, OP may not be independent but even with his parents income there should be some financial aid available.. and it should not affect OP's ability to get some kind of job be it on or off campus

  20. it is if you get the oriental seasoning.

    or just dont put the soup base in and suffer.
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