Pooping and peeing at the same time: Possible or Impossible?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by IamODESE, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. In an effort to prove a point to my bestfriend, I am turning to the science and nature section of Grasscity with this little survey.

    Pooping and peeing at the samee time: Possible or Impossible?

    Just vote.

    Thank you very much!
  2. Should set up a poll

    But yes, it's possible:rolleyes:
  3. yeah its possible lol. instead of starting a poll why dont you just try it?
  4. It is very possible.
  5. I can't do one without doing the other.
  6. I just did this. And I didnt wash my hands either. :smoke:
  7. i remember takin a piss once and i sneezed mid-stream and ended up ejaculating.

    True story

  8. Amazing. :eek:
  9. It's possible.
    I do it everyday
  10. Wait you mean you guys are flexin out stool while pissing at the same god damn time? Like, at ONCE? What the fuck am I the only one who doesn't do that? Lol.
  11. bro yeah, im usually baked so much that i just sorta pee like a girl anyways and it happens quite often

  12. lmfao
  13. how did I get here
  14. Well I dont think ive ever had the muscle control to do both at exactly the same time, but taking a shit usually makes me pee mid poop
  15. You must have never changed a baby's diaper ?
  16. It's very easy to do when you have diarrhea. It takes some technique , but you have to have a balanced effort , so you don't squeeze too hard to let one them go.
  17. yes its possible, not something that happens all the time though (as long as you mean forcing out poo and pissing at the same time)
  18. Just gotta believe.
  19. I believe that technically you can't do them both exactly at the same time unless your stool is quiet soft, as when your turd pushes to hard on your prostate it stops the flow of urine...?

    Any docs out there?
  20. Just when I think one thread is the dumbest thread in existence, a new one is created..

    I'd say not peeing while you shit is a sign of a medical condition. o_O

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