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Pooing High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StillBlazing123, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I'm not a troll, but I'm so stoned right now and this has got to be the best feeling every, any one agree with me? :')
  2. Never crapper high, but I'm "pooing" right now, and it's so chill.
  3. Was that a pun ;)? Haha! but it's good!
  4. [quote name='"StillBlazing123"']Was that a pun ;)? Haha! but it's good![/quote]

    Lol I misspelled crapped, and is what a pun? Lol I don't get it.
  5. wank your wanker while high lolol
  6. ive hit the bong a few times sitting on the me something to do while im in there.
  7. I always shit after i smoke weed, right when i get home from school i smoke, then poop. Something with my eating schedule and smoking schedule.. idk my body is just like, "thanks for the thc, now shit out last nights dinner!"
  8. Everytime I walk into the bathroom high I end up sitting on the toilet for atleast a half hour. That's my golden time for grasscity lol.
  9. Im always high so I just go on with my normal life so yeah I've pooped high. But have you ever looked on the back of a 20$ bill?
  10. Haha! you guys are brilliant, I always end up sitting there for like 3 hours, just forget that I'm there it's so calm in the toilet :D
  11. [quote name='"fucking baked"']Im always high so I just go on with my normal life so yeah I've pooped high. But have you ever looked on the back of a 20$ bill?[/quote]

    Theirs dudes in the bushes man!

  12. Does he got a gun man? I dont know! Red team go! Red team go!
  13. What the fuck am I reading? Of course I poop high, whatta silly question ;)
  14. the actual process itself isn't that great but when i walk out of the bathroom i feel like refreshed and cleansed lmao
  15. I agree. It feels incredible.
  16. This might be strange but I don't think Ive ever poop'd high. Unless it was diarrhea from taco bell which fucking sucks.
  17. personally i like to smoke bongs on the toilet. At the precise moment you pull the ash down the downstem, your excrement leaves your butthole. The synchronized plop of the ash and poo make a nice echo in my tiled bathroom.
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