Poo on your balls!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by trixx, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. SHAMPOO that is.

    Who else shampoo's and conditions their pubes?

    I aint talking like just soap i mean like actaully shampooing ur ballz.
  2. That's just good Hygiene you got my friend!
  3. silky smooth pubes hahaha
  4. i got poo on my balls once, just wipe that shit off, no big deal.

    i got shampoo in my dickhole before, that sucked. it burns for hours.
  5. I don't use shampoo on my pubes... just regular soap..... however i do condition them once in a while... but typically they are so short it doesn't matter........

    Its like mowing turf...... whats the point?
  6. When you got 12 inch pubes it just becomes a hassle. I gave that shit up a while ago.

  7. wtf? take some scissors to that shit!
  8. My pubes are only about 1/3" long so shampoo is overkill, body wash does the trick.
  9. Im pretty much clean shaved..no need to
  10. No pubes to 'poo
  11. i am pretty clean shaven so no
  12. Hell nah. Bigfoots wife loves it.
  13. Gotta trim everything up... and i'll rock em out with the old body wash.. though they get the loofa(sp?) treatment as well.... gotta exfoliate the sac every once and a while...
  14. It's good hygiene to soap yourself, plus it uses some of that excess soap that otherwise would go down the drain, never to be seen again.
  15. You can't keep it smelly down there. Gotta keep 'em clean.
  16. mine are like 4-5 inches depending on where you look but i just use soap and they look pretty good
  17. lol @ this thread
  18. oh god... get some beard trimmers dude...

    christ... that... 4-5? wtf.... that's just unnecessarily long lol...


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