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pontiac vibe...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. hmm... i've been thinking lately about purchasing a pontiac vibe. not a bad car in my opinion... and fairly cheap too ;) only about 16,000. lol.... it'd be a great car for goin' to the beach and getting all wrecked in. anyone out there drive one of these cars, or know someone who does?
  2. I haven't driven one but there are several on the roads around here!
  3. Yeah I say you get one and bake it out everyyyyday...
  4. I wouldn't turn one down.. but man they are ugly as hell!

    I haven't even looked up close at one because the view from afar is so scary.

    IMO, of course.
  5. LOL budburner!!! yeah... i guess it's one of those cars that ya either love 'em or ya hate 'em... kinda like the Aztec. :D
  6. i dunno man, that commercial for the vibe is pretty cool...
  7. Hi,
    I've driven the Toyota matrix, which is the same car with a little different styling. It was pretty nice, justa little small for my 6'5" legs. I would get the toyota one because they have a little better resale, and are a little cheaper.

    But if you want a really cool do everything, ugly/funky car, take a look at the new Honda Element. Very roomy, very practical(easy cleaning seats and soft plastic flooring). ANd it should be very reliable because it is based on the CRV. The CRV is rated the most reliable car on the road period. I wish this car was around when I bought my car(I ended up getting a Toyota Solara).

    Well I guess you can tell I'm a big J-car fan.
    Good Luck
  8. im not a big fan of the looks, but pontiacs are pretty nice cars and they have some getup, so they drive really smoothly.
    i'd say get a grand am or somethin if you want a pontiac though
  9. might i suggest a bonneville, with some extra #"s and letters attached.....
    now theres a nice ride.
  10. i'm not a big fan of the bonneville or the grand am <=(there's just too damn many of 'em out there)... i was looking for something a little different :D
  11. Pontiac doesn't do too badly. For an American car.

    I used to think we had decent cars in America. Then I saw a "modern marvels" show on the history channel about the autobahn.

    And how European carmakers design their cars for driving on the autobahn. The cars they make put ours to shame!

    I worked with a German lady once who said that the Mercedes that we see over here (as coveted luxury European cars) are the ones they use for taxi cabs over there. lol

    They had a guy who rebuilds porches for use on the autobahn. He took the car (which we don't know how fast it went before this guy got his hands on it) and drove it to 212 MPH testing it's top end.

    Woohoo!! Makes my Grand Prix's 120 MPH seem wimpy as hell. But taking into account the condition of our roads in America compared to the autobahn's… it probably evens out the score a little in the excitement area. (I thought I was flyin' along pretty damned well at 120 mph!)
  12. if ya wanna buy a car that will grab peoples attention, get into a sporty new Nissan 350z. 284 hps with a sporty V-6, with dynamic sterring control, alos comes with power locks, windows and a personalized Boise radio system. DVD screen is optional.........i think i would make a good used car salesman
  13. i was after a mercedes, but ah...
    guess he thought maybe that might be a lil too much car for a fat lady.
    so for now the bonni will do.
    since i live in littletown us theres not too many like mine. yet.
    still i must say it is a nice ride.
    peace ya lil buggers
  14. sorry i find this thread funny as the only bonneville i know is a motorbike made by Triumph and i thought you's were talking about that at out...Sid
  15. shoo, i almost lost it there....thought i mighta mistaked ma car for a motor bike....
    whew..nope i just peeked... i got 4 tires and a nice engine oh yea and it seats more than a bike (i think)

    p.s i saw a show on cops (bad boys,bad boys whatcha gonna do) cant ever say cops without singin that tune) and saw a dude in a mercedes blow around through and inbetween freeway traffic like nothing ive ever seen like "I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!! not that id want to outrun the nice police officers of the law or anything :) but it was awesome

    *sigh* someday
    *shaking my head* a motor scooter?
  16. p.s.s oh and the dude in the cops show outran the nice police officers :) in his cool fast well handled mercedes. somthing they dont show tooo often on the show that should be called cops beating the hell out of the public !"cops" (bad boys,bad boys..... hell here i go again

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