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Discussion in 'General' started by Shifte83, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,

    Never posted in here and don't really have a lot of people to talk to, in fact meet some really great people here to talk to and relate.

    I guess the main question on my mind right now is

    "Money or happiness"?

    I work in the city long hours in a job that drives me nuts (IT) earning a fair bit of money. My girl lives 3 hours away and we can only see each other every weekend either me go 3 hours by train or her come here.

    If I was to move there I don't have my licence or car and any jobs I could get would be at least a 30k pay cut. But I would be with her and her kids. Earning less money but also paying a lot less money for rent, bills, and child support.. (not that I wanna pay less child support) just how it goes.

    What would you do in my situation.?

  2. Why can't she move to You? If you hate your job and your miserable I would suggest a change and do it be for your to vested in the job once you count on the income of the job your at to support a new home,car,kids it's really hard to leave.take a chance see what happens I don't know how old you are but never move for a woman unless you and her are serious.sit down and right the pros and cons on a sheet of paper count them up whatever one has more go for it man life's about hard choices and sometimes you have to wing it. Hope everything I said makes sense

  3. Thanks man,

    I'm in mid 30's and she can't move because of her kids in school there and her parents have bought her a house and would take it if she moved away from their little country town...I think the pros and cons actually are about even, though the one main con is we have had some pretty big arguments were I have had to leave her house and come home, where is if I moved there I would be stuck!! Only happened 2 times in one year though and have always worked them out just stupid fights as we can both be a little bit hot headed :/

    Such a hard choice to make, thanks for the input.

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