Pond Zyme instead of HydroZyme/SensiZyme/MultiZyme

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  1. Anyone have any experience with Pond Zyme or some sort of plant safe/hydro safe pond cleaner for breaking down roots and organic matter instead of the commercially available ones like Hygrozyme, Multizyme or Sensizyme?

    Im just sick of getting bent over paying for hygrozyme

  2. I heard some guys were having good results with pond zyme. Thought about using it myself when I start my bubble buckets.
  3. Ya, I use a gram per gal in my ez-cloners..
  4. Think I see a bit of root rot in my little 6gallon DWC. Anybody got an idea of how to dose this pondzyne stuff in such a small set up? I would assume I do this at a normal flush and fill time, and would that be something I add with every flush or just when needed? Thanks to all.
  5. does that help with survival? I practically threw my ezcloner out not really but the thing really pisses me off. they need to make an easy cloner that is self adjusting if it gets to hot /cold ect ect
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  6. Start-Zyme from Walmart. Cheapest Ive found so far. I just started using with my new run and its like crack for my plants. 2 greatest products Ive found this year: Start zyme (around $6) and a really cheap mykos product ($2.50). My pots fill with roots within a week:eek: Seriously its ridiculous. Just based on the rooting system alone Im farther with this second run compared to the end of flowering on my biggest plant! :D
  7. Whoa! So wait this 6 dollar bottle can replace my $140 a gal Prozyme??

  8. Ya, that's the fine line you have to walk with the ez-cloner...
    It seems the best temp to grow roots, is the same great environment to grow bacterias..

    Go figure, huh... ;)

    You do not have that issue with rw, sponge, or even nasty ass dirt..
    But I found that if you use just water with some calcium hypochlorite, you can run that optimal range longer without the slime/bacteria growth...

    Without it, I'm changing the dam water every 2-3 days..

    Ya I tried a few different products, but never really seen the difference between using an additive and just water...

    It may have shaved off a day of root mass development from using to not using...
    But what's a day really?? By time I decide it's time to transplant the new clone, it takes me a couple few days to get to doing the transplanting anyway...

    I'm sure there are faster better ways..
    To use additives or not to use additives, or to even use the ez-cloner at all..
    Something you have to make one, try different stuff, and see what works best for you...

  9. A gram of....pond zyme?

    Good link about the guy who did a comparison test.
  10. I really dont use start-zyme as an "additive" per say but rather more to further promote the "living" microbe environment in the root mass. Start-zyme is more of an inoculant than an additive. You dont have to add it so frequently, like once a month or so.

  11. actually start zyme is enzymes that eat dead organic material and break it down into usable nutes for the plant. so that being said it should be used to control/or prevent root rot. what you want for good root mass is something with Mycorrhizae in it.also people who reuse coco will use startzyme to break down the old roots.
  12. ^^ in an earlier post I stated I use mykos, a mycorrhizae product. and i didnt know that about start-zyme. more reason for me to use it i suppose as i constantly reuse coco. I havent had any problems to speak of.
  13. when I reuse my coco lately I take a 30 gal trash can. I fill with my used coco most of roots removed add enough water to make it kinda soupy then I add pond-zyme and let sit for a week mixing every once and awhile. then drain, stir for a few days in a dehumidified tent until moisture is where I want it.

  14. What a pain in the ass....
    I never understood why people would want to use Coco... :confused:

    With hydroton being much easier to maintain and clean, exactly what is the advantage of using such a high maintenance hydroponic medium???

    I know as soon as I realized my that ex-wife was high maintenance, she was replace with a lower maintenance solution... :D
  15. ...

    Lol...your pot tastes better ;) coco is pretty much soil or can be atleased. There are a lot of ways to uses it but in the end your pot will more than likely taste better than if you udes just hydroton.
    I have friends that use half coco half hydroton in their ebb & flow with great results!
  16. I know coco is considered hydroponic but comparing coco to hydroton is like comparing apples and oranges. With coco youre not forced to go hydroponic even though youre using a hydro medium. You can amend coco to be organic so you dont have to add nutes, you just add water. Coco can be hand watered and since it retains moisture so good you dont have too water so often. I dont think thats the case with hydroton. And going organic with hydroton seems highly implausible. So maybe maintaining hydroton is easier than coco, but for myself and many others the benefits out way the minor maintenance with coco.
    As soon as i realized my g/f was high maintenance, i went to a lower maintenance solution, but also wasnt the higher quality, better looking, cleaning machine i previously had. Even though the lower maintenance girl was easier to handle, it just wasnt worth the quality i had at first... :eek:

    Sounds like a more effect way of using than I was! Question: I mean i havent any problems with leaving some roots in my coco and just using pond-zyme throughout my grow. Since using pond-zyme breaks the old roots down to something useful for the plant wouldnt leaving some roots in the coco and using pond-zyme throughout the grow be more beneficial?
  17. yes it is beneficial but can be a double edge sword too much pond zyme is not good especially when all dead organic material has been eaten up it will then start eating the roots.

    and jake the last time I checked cleaning hydroton sucked as$. and coco is easy breezy. self buffering


  18. It's not that bad, all you have to do is wash it in 2% bleach mix, rinse it off and let it dry..

    The way I have been doing it, I take 2 buckets, one with holes in the bottom, the other filled with the bleach mix... I fill the bucket that has the holes in the bottom with hydroton, put it in the bucket with the bleach, after a few times up and down in the solution, I pull it out and spray off the hydroton with a garden hose, then let it dry...

    Never had a problem (knocks on wood)... ;)
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  19. just had a thought jake gonna run it by u. this is my next experiment taking main stalk processed trimmings and root ball enough to fill 5 gal bucket 2/3 then add r o water and heavy dose of pond zyme cover and stir reduce down by slow evap and strain. the end product should be usable nutrient and all the enzymes and and auxins that were in the mj plant to begin with. might be a bit far fetched. but I've already made my own calmag.

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