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  1. I have been watering my plants with water from a nearby pond. It pretty big and is fairly clear and there are lots of fish in it. It is about 8 or 10 feet in the deepest part. I have been taking a canoe out away from the bank and filling up 5gal water jugs. Then I just mix in my nutrients and get the ph rite. I checked the ph of the pond water and it was nuetral so I assume its ok but I just wanna make sure that its not gonna make algae or some other kind of fungus grow and mess up my soil. I am currently using FFOF in 5 gal buckets but I am planning on transplanting into the ground soon bc it just gets sodamn hot here. So is it ok to continue using water from the pond? Or should I fill up my jugs from my hose?
  2. my friend boils water she collects from a near-by lake before putting it on her plants.
  3. algae are harmless even beneficiary but they never really make it that much in soil. I had algae in a plastic tray for years, and the plant was growing fine.
  4. I learned in my horticulture irrigation class that the cleanest water is in the middle so lets say you got a 8ft deep lake you want to put the pump 4ft above the bottom( away from weeds n mud) and 4ft down below the surface(away from alage and wutever else floats on your lake or pond).

  5. Well I get the water from where its deep but I don't have a pump
  6. Well at my site there is a small river the water rather cold, and *some* foam on the top but not too bad you can step into it without fear of major contamination.

    also i made a small dam at a side creek and the water was all mixed up with mud i just poured some brownish stuff into 5ltr bottles and then watered the plants.
  7. I watered a entire grow with water out of a old pool it was full of algae andshit.And with no ill affect if anything it seemedlike The plants liked it.I got some of my biggest plants ever usin that water.Onco there in the ground I wouldnt worry bout canoeing I'd just bucket it from the edge
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  8. So no worries?
  9. certain kinds of bacteria are really good for the growth of plants, but you never really know exactly whats in your water. while the ph of the water could be to acidic for mj, it could be good too. i use stream water for my plants, never boiled it or anything and my plants are thriving.
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  10. Yea I checked the water and the ph was 6.5 - 7
  11. My vote is that you are fine with pond water. If anything, it's beneficial to your plants as you said there is ongoing wildlife in the pond. Fish, frogs, bugs, algae, etc. plus you said the ph was neutral.

    I plan to water my plants this summer with straight pond water. My ponds are deep and big and have inlet/outlet streams during the spring and early summer. And always good fishing :)
  12. Hey.
    Actually, pond/lake water is excellent for weed.
    Its like a weak, organic nute tea.
    Also, any plant matter ie algae will just compost in
    the soil.

    Its a win win situation, bro.

    Make sure youre pollution free though.

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  13. I agree with Freakboy1 pond water is great should have good trace minerals and tons of microlife. I grow 100% organic so I would even use some of the soft muck from the edges and bottom with transplanting. Here by the beach I use seaweed in buckets of water for a tea but I have heard of people using pond lilies or aquatic plants and letting them steep in a covered bucket of water for a month or so with great results.
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  14. Good post.
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  15. Freak got it right for sure. Y'all need to stop babying these plants LOL

    Boiling water to sterilize it? LOL It rains on them doesn't it...they are in dirt crawling with bugs and fungai/bacteria...ahhh the things people do that complicate their lives for no reason.
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  16. TRUE DAT, DAWG !!!

  17. Yeah I agree as well and boiling water?she drag a coleman stove with her or build a fire?

    its hard enough draggin water all summer much less adding extra work
  18. I agree 100% with ya guys. if anything the water i use for my plants i think helps them out more then normal tap water. plus carrying gallons of water out to a guerrilla grow just aint easy.
  19. Yes its fine if you use pond water. They have a real energy for plants like we drink energy drinks. Because it natural and having nature touch more then our house water.
  20. Well said, man.

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