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  1. In addition to being a grower I tend to a koi pond in my front yard. Do you think it would be beneficial to use that over the distilled water I use now? Ph is neutral for my koi so that's not a problem and everything else I've tested it for has been good too
  2. i would be worried about things like the poop from the fish drastically raising nitrogen levels. checking the ppm might give you an idea if it's really high then you shouldn't use it. you can also do a test run with a single plant.
  3. I'd think the organic N would be a good thing - but it would be a good idea for your own sake to test it on a single plant as suggested by @BudButler .

  4. Throw it on there. I never worry about ppms or ph.
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  5. People piss on their plants how bad can Koi water be?
  6. A lot of people do a lot of things lol

    Yech on the piss
  7. Natural nitrogen.... ;)
  8. Thanks for the responses guys I figured it'd be good cause it's better than tap water for all my other non-MJ plants. Gonna give a test next grow
  9. Too many put cannabis on a pedestal for some reason. I see folks that grow fine veggie gardens wondering why they can't or have a hard time growing cannabis but for some reason it gets treated so differently

    If it works well on your other plants there's no reason it shouldn't work well for your cannabis.

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  10. Its call aquaponics isn't it????
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  11. I am going to chk out a pond near me for its PH. I dont have any other measuring device though but it should be good to go. Where is my PH meter? Is it calibrated? Hmmmm
  12. Ok calibrated with lemon juice which was at a ph of 2 so that's reasonable. Pond was high 7s. Looked at net. If it was all that, a lot of posts would b promoting it.....i didn't see many. Think I'll pass on this idea.
  13. How did your pond water grow work out?
  14. I think he passed
    I have tried it without much results myself
    So I stopped using it. I too was worried about too much nitrogen
    I have a shit load of Koi and cats so water is high in nitrates .
  15. I'm curious to know how this went too. OP, you still here?

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  16. I did a lot of reading on this b/c I have access to pond water too and thought it would be nature's elixir for the plants. After reading more on this, I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to. There are a lot of parasitic nematodes, harmful bacteria/protozoa that can harm your soil and or plants root system. Like it was said earlier, if it was great, a lot of people would be going to their local parks looking for pond water. Aquaponics is different. With that said, if 50 members show pix of their lush super thriving gardens due to pond water, I'll change my view on this.
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  17. It made my weed taste and smell skunky
    So I stopped LOL
  18. To the people wondering I decided to pass because of possible bacteria in the water, however winter is coming which I’m assuming would kill off all the bacteria in the water at the time or at least the top portion of the water so I’m thinking of trying it again now but maybe boil it or let it sit for a while before using. I just need a more efficient way of getting water for my plants other than buying a shit ton of gallons of distilled at the grocery store
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  19. don't think winter will fix this...I wouldn't do it.
  20. Tap water??

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