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  1. Greetings!

    Here's my grow report! Let's see, where to start? Who is Pompel? Well, I've been growing a couple of years, and now slowly graduating from the Beginners School of Fuck-ups. And I made most of them. Initially began with hydro, but the torturing, mishandling and huge lack of talent made it look more like genocide than a proper garden. I learned the hard way that dirt is definitely my natural medium to work with. And it tastes much better (the end-product, that is).
    OK, set-up first, I guess:

    Growtents (all from Homebox):
    1 Clone (125 x 65 x 120cm/4 x 2 x 2 '') – 12 t-5 21W + 2 x 125W CFL
    1 S (80 x 80 x 160cm/2.5 x 2.5 x 5.3'') – 2 x 180W LED ufo's
    2 L (100 x 100 x 200cm/3.3 x 3.3 x 6.7'') 1 x 600W and 1 x 400W + 180W LED ufo
    1 XL (120 x 120 x 200cm/3.6 x 3.6 x 6.7'') 1 x 600W
    2 XXL (240 x 120 x 200cm/ 7.2 x 3.6 x 6.7'') 2 x 600W

    «homemade» soil-mix consisting of (approx 60L/2cubic ft);
    35-40% heavy, organic soil
    15-20% perlite – 35-40% if mixing for Auto-pot system
    10-15% cow-manure compost
    10% vermiculite
    10-15% Biobizz coco-mix
    7-8% wormcastings
    soil-additives: 1 cup each of soluble kelp, humic acid and Mineral Magic (GHE), Bacillus subtilis, 1 ts Actinovate, 3dl/1oz. Ful-Power fulvic acid (BioAg) and ½ cup Azospirillum Brasilense (nitrogen-fixing bacteria from Xtreme Gardening) if making soilmix for veg. With every transplant I also sprinkle the root-hole with Oregonism (endo/ecto-mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, and Trichoderma from Roots Organics)
    I might add that though this setup is beginning to get pretty set, I'm regularly tweak and experiment with additives and beneficials.

    Nutrients and additives:
    Main nutrients: Metrop (MR1, MR2, AminoRoot, AminoBloom, MAM and Calgreen. Additves would be soluble kelp and humic acid, Super Plant tonic (Blue Mountain Organics), Sea-Crop (Ambrosia Technology), Big Bud (AN), HPK Bat Guano (Roots Organics), Bloombastic (Atami), Superthrive, Power Zyme (Hesi), Wilguard (Canadian Xpress), Hesi Roots.

    Pots and Containers:
    Conventional pots early, then transplant into self-watering pots, either 6L or 15L. (From IKEA of all places!) The 15L pots has supply of air to the rootsystem by airstones. One XXL-tent has the autopot-system consisting of 18 pots.

    Strains and crosses:
    I have a number of strange crosses growing in the garden, most of them accidental/unfortunate/fuckups. About a year ago I kept 7 males for pollination in an attempt to make a few crosses. The males were: 2 Cannalope Haze (DNA), 1 LA Confidential (DNA), 2 PG13 (TH Seeds) and 2 the Purps (BC Bud Depot).
    What was intended as a small controlled experiment ended up as a pollinating scirocco of biblical proportions. Forcing your intellect to realize that the whole crop is pollinated two weeks before harvest, is a very brutal awakening, indeed. Much the same way as waking up at 04 a.m. by someone kicking you in the groin with steel-tipped boots is. With little spikes on them.
    A few seeds were «deliberate», but mostly it was totally random. Many, many thousands of them. Among the females pollinated were: Amnesia Haze (Soma), Cannalope Haze (DNA), Chocolope (DNA), Double Dutch (Magus Genetics), Hawaiian Snow (GHS), LA Confidential (DNA), PG13 (TH Seeds), the Purps (BC Bud Depot) and the Ultimate (Dutch Passion). Some crosses have been fairly decent, many... less so, but a few have been gems. Here are some I'm currently growing:
    Amnesia Haze x Cannalope Haze (Strong, stupefying high. Big smile. No brain.)
    Cannalope Haze x the Purps (I decided to re-veg this one after first growing her from seed, due to her relatively early finishing time, trouble-free and hardy, good resin production. Got about 25 of them in 12/12 at different phases. Not the biggest yield, but OK. Grows like the Cannalope, but has that sweet Purps smell and taste as well. Finishes in 55-60 days).
    Chocolope x the Purps (Very tasty and probably my favorite. Smells intensely sweet and drags you into a deep, heavy high.)
    the Ultimatex LA Confidential (Small yielder with rock-hard buds, but good high after being properly cured. Musky, peppery taste.)
    the Ultimate x PG13 (Good yielder, but long flowering time, 75 days. A no-nonsense high that charges you directly and brutally. Taste like mint and lemon).
    the Ultimate x the Purps (got two pheno's, one is dependable and yields medium and the second is potentially a better yielder but extremely fickle and suicidal. Nice, sweet high).

    I've just finished 35 random crosses from seed, just to see what popped out. I'll present some pics of those, so you can get an impression of the strains I'm growing. Of the 35 seeds, one was a hermie, pollinating the other 8 it was sharing tent with. I re-vegged 7 of them after 4 weeks of 12/12. Probably not worth it, but I have a pathological resistance when it comes to throwing plants into the garbage bin. Even when they have the vegetable equivalent of Down's syndrome, they are still my girls. And they deserve a chance to make me high, poor little things!

    I find myself picking crosses that has either Cannalope Haze or the Purps in them. The Cannalope has consistently contributed to impressive resin production, while the Purps is probably the best tasting weed I've tried so far. I still have a few seeds left of both, so some of them will hopefully be grown in this report in the near future. Hopefully a few gems will present themselves.
    I grow a few strains now from seed, just long-term personal stash. Plus the excitement, of course!

    Acapulco Gold (1) (Barney's Farm)
    autoflowering AK47 (7) (Hopefully at least a male here, so that the rest can produce seeds for a little outdoor project in the summer)
    Black Jack (1) (Sweet Seeds)
    (1) (Kannabia)
    DR. Greenspoon (1) (Barney's Farm)
    (1) (Kalamua seeds)
    + some crosses....
    The introduction of new strains during this grow report is highly likely. OK, pics! (Looks like I can max upload 10 pics, so I'll post them in three more bulks).

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  2. Second bulk of pics:

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  3. Almost done...

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  4. Final pics for now, alea iacta est!

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    Oh, herro!

    Today on "the Pompel grow report": topping! Seriously, how the plants are treated during veg reflects on the progress in bloom. A lot (duh!). The technique I have chosen is pretty straightforward: let the plant grow past it's 5/6th node, then cut above the 2/3nd node. This will encourage four/six strong stems, instead of one huge cola (often attracting mold at end of bloom), make an even height for the top-buds, and generally produce a higher yield. If any sativas stretches to far, they will be super-cropped or subjected to LST (still trying out both methods).
    Peace brothers and sisters!

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  6. Greetings!

    So, I bought a "Polynator Resin Extractor 150g"; looong time since I had some proper Kief! Ran about 5 drums filled 1/3 with leaf material and air-buds from lower canopy, which gave me 13.5 grams (close to 1/2 oz). Making bubblehash over the weekend with what's left, posting results of that when finished.
    I expect the automatic AK47's to enter flowering within a week, they are thriving under led. Lastly pics of some babies that I topped a few days ago, side-branching looks good. Pretty curious of the Dr. Greenspoon, hearing some raving reviews from Amsterdam on this one.
    Now it's time to get high. Kief-high. Oh, yes!

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  7. Hello!
    Today: harvest, finally! The pics are from day 58 and 60. A total of 14 Cannalope haze x the Purps, 2 the Ultimate x LA Confidential, 1 Chocolope x the Purps and 1 the Ultimate were harvested. I was planning on making bubblehash today, but I'm still in the whole process of readying 19 pots for transplant (from 3L to 16L). This requires emptying pots, getting the root mass out, using the leftover medium to make another mix, cleaning pots, mixing in the soil additives etc. Reusing soil is mainly down to the inconveniences of dumping a lot of heavy medium in a densely populated area when there is one meter of snow outside. Also, after the root mass is gone, the left over media has a very fresh, good smell to it this time, which I think is mainly down to the air stones at the bottom the self-watering pots. Since the media is being re-used, Biobizz pre-mix and Foxfarm's Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable fertilizer are added in addition. That sums it up for now!

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  8. Today: finally finished transplanting! Filled up the XXL-tent with 2 Amnesia haze x Cannalope haze, 2 the Ultimate x the Purps and 15 Cannalope haze x the Purps, all in 4 gallon self-watering pots. I…eh, miscalculated the length of veg, way to early for these girls in 12/12. So another week at least of growth, I think. I'll run a 20/4 cycle, since I placed the auto-flowering AK47 in there as well (I imagine they'll flower faster? Really not familiar with auto-flowering strains).
    In the L-tent I transplanted 19 plants from 1L to 3L pots, consisting of 1 Acapulco Gold, 1 Black Jack, 3 Cannalope haze x the Purps, 2 Cannalope haze x unknown male, 1 Chocolope x the Purps, 1, Diesel, 4 Double Dutch x two unknown males, 1 Dr Greenspoon, 3 Hawaiian Snow x three unknown males, 1 Purple Berry and 1 the Ultimate x the Purps, planning on 12/12 in around two weeks. The last pics are Cannalope haze x the Purps in 1L pots waiting for the 3L's in the L-tent to finish veg. Planning on using these in the auto-pot system after the current run is finished around March 15-20th. Must smoke big joint now! Peace.

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