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Poltics on Midwest deep freeze

Discussion in 'Politics' started by IGOTJOINTS4YA, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. It seems there have been many comparisons with Bush about Obama being that just as Bush mishandled Hurricane Katrina, Obama is mishandling this Midwest deep freeze being that 42 people have died(11 of which in Kentucky alone).

    So does Obama not care about White people?

    I think he does, and just as I did not blame Bush for New Orleans, I do not blame Obama for Kentucky. Then again I am not without power in frozen artic so who am I to judge.

    Local officials in Kentucky have been saying publicly, Obama does not care for them and asking where is FEMA. This the same day the govenor is saying Obama is doing all in his power to help his state. There could be some politics in that, almost every govenor of every state openly endorses Obamas stimulus because they stand to get a big fat check for it, even the republican govenors.

    I don't know what to think about this, but I will say this, both the liberal and conservative media are over playing both sides. The liberal side is to leniant to politicians and talking trash about the people in need, and the conservative side are being over demanding and getting angry about things that are not within the executives control. Olbermann was talking about how the Kentucky governor talked good about Obama actions which was a bullshit political move, then later I heard Rush talked about how Obama is mishandling this, all the while saying how Bush was not at fault for Katrina and it was human error.

    While I see the dirty politics in this, I just want people to worry about the people and stop all this bickering, I feel bad enough for Kentuckians and the rest of midwestern's.

    1.3 million homes are without power in wintery conditions.
  2. It is not possible for Obama to prevent winter, nor is there the slightest comparison to Katrina. Rush Limbaugh is a fascist, racist, intellectually bereft blowhard, and anyone who believes a word out of his mouth should take their brain out of their head, and dispose of it properly, for it has become useless.

    When several entire states are covered in Ice, even Rush Limbaugh's hot air is useless against it.

    You can't politicize a season.

    If you've forgotten what actually happened in Katrina, it's playing on HBO right now, check this out.

    When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

    It's a Spike Lee Joint, so it goes for the heartstrings to be sure, but the pictures in it speak for themselves.
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    Classic Medicine Al! :hello:

    Do you think Spike Lee could make a tear-jerker about these freezing Kentuckians... I bet he could (if he dared)... "That boy's got talent!"
  4. way to play into the political bias about this whole mess, I don't get how you can slam Rush while Obermann is being a partisan dickhole himself.

    Regardless a 4 hour documentary about a design problem that takes 5 minutes to explain is beyond me, I am sorry that documentaries are for idiots. That design flaw was something engineers had never planned for when those levees were implemented years back. They never thought of re-enforcing the ground underneath a levee was important, and now thousands of people no longer live in New Orleans.

    The levees were on account to human error, people tend to forget humans make mistakes. Lots of these deaths were on account of human error, I think a 1/3 of the deaths are from carbon monoxide poisoning. People trying to stay warm by keeping a grill lit inside the house, a blocked fireplace or even keeping there generators indoors.

    People make mistakes.
  5. What political bias?

    You can take my previous statement, and insert the name of any proven liar that you like.

    Perhaps, the Catholic church will announce that these deaths are god's way of punishing the red states for their political oafishness.

    The pope is a proven liar, too. And a heartless asshole, just got promoted to bishop, after saying these very things about the destruction of New Orleans.


    The only people politicizing winter, are the dumb bastards who refuse to call Solstice the reason for the season. (Because that would be scientifically correct)

    If you get run over by a glacier on your way home, then you can free Bush from blame, OK?

    Even Punxsutawny Phil was smart enough to know we've got winter in the future, for about 6 more weeks...and he's not even human.
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    So you can politicize a tropical storm, but not an arctic?? :confused_2:

    Granted, Katrina was a lot more devastating than this freeze.

    Liberals just hated Bush and social conservatives more so than the acts themselves. For example we'll see a steep decline in war protests under Obama, despite an increase in warring.
  7. Brother, I think we should all know that Katrina didn't need any politicization, the issue there was complete governmental incompetence, and the inability to perform risk assessment.

    How many of these deaths in the midwest are from traffic accidents? Most of them, it seems.


    I used to live in Illinois, and have spent many hours freezing my ass off, btw, so I am not unsympathetic, but it does this EVERY WINTER!!!!!

    Nevermind that while we worry about a cold snap, and whether its time for the KKK uprising, we will lose another 65 people's lives today, in the USA alone, from MRSA infections acquired while seeking care in the hospital's of our country's elitist, yet somehow mysteriously incompetent, Insurance company controlled healthcare system.

    A flesh-eating bacteria that kills 65 people a day, makes terrorism sound like a pussy, Huh?

    Definitely dwarfs the news that driving on ice is dangerous.

    Tell me how many stories you see about it on the news tonight...
  8. You want to talk about problems facing man that are worse than terrorism...well 3thousand died on 9/11, which was terrible. 5 thousand die everyday from not having safe to drink drinking water.

    There are tons of people that die around the world from terrible deaths, but that is not to say we are not working on fixing them. That bacteria you speak of is getting looked at by Juan Enriquez at this moment at his gene sequencing company most likely.

    No need for politicizing these problems.
  9. As far as talk show hosts go, their job is political bickering, throwing around blame, and trying to get as much attention as possible. Don't blame politicians for natural disasters or what they did/didn't do in response. Blame them for moronic laws and wasting taxpayer dollars and selling away the future.
  10. talk show hosts seem to follow the shit on the wall process.

    They just gather a bunch of shit and throw it at a wall hoping some of the shit will stick with people, sway people minds and make there base happy.
  11. Hey you need to check out this thread (shameless plug-time)

    Terrorism vs. Asteroids- A Risk Assessment

    Risk assessment is a science unto itself, and an intelligent society will be well advised to incorporate it into their national agenda, or they will go the way of the old Soviet Union, and choke to death on their own paranoia, and bad investments.

    MRSA is just fucking nasty, a friend of mine lost a finger to it, he went in to an outpatient clinic :eek:for stitches when he cut his hand on a bandsaw, and about 3 weeks later, he had to have his ring finger amputated.:confused:
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    Without the soviet union we would never of had the space race, America did much better when it had a direct competitor. Economically and intellectually.

    I get the point he is putting across but the writer of that article is coming from that with a pre-bias.
  13. Right, now our only competition comes from the fact that we are behind, to all the countries we once may have led, in education, and healthcare, and our high standard of living is basically a myth.

    Instead of one perceived rival, we have dozens!

    And now here's Bill O'Reilly with the weather...
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    Now considering America is the 10th largest producer of wealth in the world, and the 9 countries ahead of the US do not even compare with the size and population of the country. I think America is doing just fine.

    The only myth was it was a myth in the first place. America never had the best education, health care or higher standard of living. Were were never and never will be highest in any of those categories.

    As for higher standard of living, how is this supposed to be gauged?

    Have you ever been to much of Europe, you know all the countries that are supposed to have higher standards of living...most of those places don't have air conditioning. In Paris and much of Spain the smog is unbearable much like many American cities. Americans are among the happiest people in the world, maybe our stupidity you are trying to play has something to do with this, but is our standard of living really that bad?

    If anything our country has been trying to give us a greater standard of living, with the mortgage debacle. Just like countries before us it caused a crash. America is a young country, I think people tend to forget we are still growing and learning from others mistakes.

    Look at Mexico and look at the United States. They both were settled around the same time, and look at the contrast in nations. One is fixing to fall apart and doesn't have proficient amounts of drinking water in most areas. One of the countries is a world power who dictates much of the rest of the world with it's own actions.

    I think you should be grateful we did not turn out like Mexico instead of trying to perpetuate this stereotype of America losing it's way.

  15. UMM.... mexico wasn't settle at the same time as americans.

    remember the atzens and mayas...... yeah...

  16. we had indians too you know.
  17. just let it go, I don't think he can make that connection that Mayans and Aztecs were indians...
  18. Dude, come on. Ever heard of Spain?
  19. Yeah, so.. your point is?
  20. Only one fixing to fall apart? Check again.

    Mexico was been the USA's source for virtual slave labor, since right after the war( the mexican american war). It is the only thing that has held the economy up since the emancipation proclamation.

    The USA has done more covert work to undermine the Mexican government, and to control their poor, and to create misery so that we can mine them for cheap labor, than they have done to Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

    The Mexican Drug cartels flourish, because the CIA uses them to channel money and to destroy unfriendly political elements to our corporate interests, the same way that Al-Queda is used for supplying the Pentagon with more reasons to continually increase their budget, even in a tight economy. And the DEA is pretty deeply involved as well, where do you think all these street drugs come from?

    Look at the big picture, take off your blinders. Follow the money.

    And Mexico is an OPEC nation, with huge reserves of oil, in case your cliche professor forgot to tell you. It has some of the most beautiful warm beaches in the world, and cheap beer, and beautiful, I mean, fuckin' gorgeous women, and fantastic food, and tremendously deep multicultural heritage, and a vibrant arts community, and more Marijuana growing than anywhere on earth,btw.

    Viva, Mofo!:smoke:

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