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PollMasterDigit no more?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Mar 5, 2003.


Poll master digit? or relinquish the title? poll times out april 1

  1. PollMasterDigit forever!

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  2. vote no and l send the boys after ya ,lol critter 2

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  3. please stop interfering in the polls critter.

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  4. If Rumjil says that you're Poll Master Digit...then you're Poll Master Digit!!!

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  1. I have noticed a vast increase in the number of polls. this could be due to an increased popularity in threads that have polls or maybe people are just posting more polls either way i feel like i dont deserve the title of pollmasterdigit. as it was a fellow blade who labled me as such it's only right that it should be the blades who decide if i remain the pollmaster.... i've already had lilith snappin at my heals for the position.
  2. naah man..If you just came up with a poll now your definitaly the pollmaster :)

    keep on pollin'
  3. ive been a lurker for quite some time now..

    and youll always be pollmasterdigit to me!!
  4. much a sniggering from digits corner.

    i did really want to know what the result would b for this one but i guess from the initial outburst i am forever the poll master.
  5. AHEM!!!!!

    Yes, you are forever Poll Master Digit...I said so!!!!
  6. 40005 to 1...
    I think ur the poll master :p

  7. How many people on this forum? I smell someone doing a bush/mugabe!!!
  8. lol@ bush/mugabe.

    nice one switch

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