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If I were to run for president would you vote for me?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. VOTE!
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  2. I thinks it's acool feature!!!!

  3. Lol, ok smartass, you TRICKED us!!! ;)
  4. i didnt know you could edit a poll. and when u edit your post a edit message dosent show up. way cool.
  5. i like being a smartass

  6. And I LIKE you being a smartass.
  7. thank you.
  8. talking about manupliation of votes! :)

  9. Related to Bush, by chance? Hey, notice someone finally voted no!!
  10. I would vote for you. I just voted in the poll.

    So,anyway, president of what exactly? Is it president of the smartass club?

  11. who voted no? lol
    im already prez of the smartass club.
  12. WTF was this shit? are any of you guys still around to explain this thread?

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