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polling polling

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by minntoker, May 26, 2004.


chicken, blue, HAHAHA?

  1. i understand.

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  2. What?

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  3. are you retarded?

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  4. what is the question?

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  1. hey there. HO HO!!!!
  2. i was thinking cluck like a duck but i inderstand
  3. when i started this poll i was very fucked up. you have to be very stoned to understand.
  4. um...im stoned and i have no clue at all whats going on lmao :D
  5. deep in your mind you do.
  6. hmmmm.....still not getting it lmao
  7. all i have to say is blue chicken

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  8. sha doobie mother fuckers gooblie bing sha nana....
    ...ya knows whos a fuckin trip to watch...Mad tv that chinese lady...fuckin freaks me out everytime...
  9. ^^^ u mean ms swan lol
  10. POLLING! oh yeah.

  12. ehh...shes ok but id take the blonde one who isnt on the show anymore
  13. haha the swam lady. She used to be funny but now its just kind of old.

    "he, he lookin like a man"

    "But what does he look like?"

    "he lookin like a man"

    It was funny the first couple of times. Now whenever she comes on I change the channel.
  14. LoL I polled "are you retarded?" but i take that back now that ive realized u were high....and that has gotta be the funniest fucking chicken ive ever seen
  15. i saw it at the state fair and searched for a picture of it

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