pollinator seedbank?

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  1. About US are very rich and legit with informations
    Pollinator Seedbank

    With presentation like that I will give them my life, not just CC number :D
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    lol they are a "hash bag maker" selling Nirvana stock. as their own...


    see below for more info
  3. I read the growing guide.
  4. nice new place to order from, the medijuana and a couple other strains are definitely lookin order worthy for my next grow.. i bear some resentment to statements saying dutch genetics have gone down severely.. i think there are a lot more scammers, but the old ones are still good ones.
  5. They are not hash bag makers, they talking about hash making but not about bags making.

    Pollinator Hash Bags official web site is here WWW.POLLINATOR.NL
    Also they have own shop and selling hemp products, bags, sieves etc etc included and Marijuana Seeds

    PollinatorSeedBank.com and Pollinator.nl isn't same company !
  6. Ok sorry ODM, yes they are not The Pollinator, hash making products.

    It just looks like an AMS affiliate site..and it would seem The Pollinator ".nl" site does sell seeds and they tell you the breeder, which is much better sign then .. a list of strains without breeder/linage info.

    I retract my statement about it being Pollinator Company: Home of the Ice-o-lator, ice hash, bubblehash, extraction system, and the quality of their seeds sorry. but you have to admit the .com site looks suspect, and that was my point ( not very well made, or researched as it may of been )

    now I have never ordered form either company,but if I had to choose, the ".nl" site would be the one...hands down .

    but I would almost bet my next four grows on this being some play on an established seed banks name to bring in the uninformed buyer, which AMS affiliates are known to do ...

    AMS "Cheese"

    PSB "Cheese"

    again thanks for the clarifying that ODM. +rep
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    relax, its ok !

    Yea PollinatorSeedBank[com] looks suspect and I made sectional view about one and another shop.

    Original Pollinator site have own shop and seed bank, they dont say a word about fake PollinatorSeedBank nor PSB refers to orig Pollinator[nl] web site.
    I can tell ya about Pollinator[nl], they rocks but really ... I didnt purchase seeds at their shop but bags and service is awesome ... they even send me bags from personal name cause I didnt want POLLINATOR name on package ... so any deal is possible and they got very professional service.

    Somebody,from NL probably, made PollinatorSeedBank cause Pollinator are well known company and have good reputation.

    I can buy domain HighTimesSeedBank[com] but its just about already known name in canna world ...

    However I suggest to anyone who want good seeds without issues to run away of web sites like PollinatorSeedBank. com
  8. Medijuana picture comes from sanniesshop Herijuana.
    Think about it if you gonna order from them.

  9. I ordered 100 femenized lowryder seeds and they never arrived nor was I able to get them to reply to my emails. I even emailed their hosting company and now will go after their merchant account!

    Stay away from pollinatorseedbank.com and other sites owned by relaximo@hotmail.com - owner of amsterdam.org , amsterdammarijuanapharmacy.com , amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com , decannabisapotheek.com , amsterdamcannabispharmacy.com , 420amsterdam.com

    you've been warned

  10. Hi,

    I still have not received my order P3313136862

    Jacky sent me a fake shipping receipt to complete the scam!


    ~Ray and Mark
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