Pollinated on purpose , but not sure what I get !

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by scum_frog, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. So I grew 2 power plant regular seeds , and 2 gorilla girl femezied auto flower.
    I one of the power plant is a male which I took it's pollen and pollinated one bud on the gorilla girl.
    What seeds do i get from this equation?
    Do I get auto flower ? Do I get femenized seeds ? Is the results a power girl or gorilla plant


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  2. Not a single reply !!

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  3. I mean, from my understanding of genetics(and somebody can happily correct me) you may not really see much of anything- it takes a couple generations for a real "merge" of the flowers.
  4. The possibility is you'll get seeds of any and all combinations
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  5. So a non auto x auto. You'll get some that might auto and some that won't.
    Some will be like the mom and some like the dad.

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  6. its the first cross lol.. let the magic commence how funny grow and find out.. what a bastard mongrel thats gonna be
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  7. Some will be autos, most will not, many of the one's which are not autos will still carry the auto gene but not express it.

    None will be feminised, so you'll get about 50/50 male /female ratio

    The plants will show traits from both parents, they will all be a power plant /gorilla girl cross

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