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  1. I let one of my male plants pollinate my female plant.

    My question is, how do I make sure I get the best quality seeds from it?

    Should I let it go to maximum maturity?

    I guess I mean should I wait until all the trichs' are amber colored?
    Is there a way to tell, maybe pop one out every so often?

    Thanks all
  2. How do you intentionally pollinate a plant? Just not pull the males? I got my hands on some seeds and would like to multiply them before I actually grow anything. Also, will less than ideal growing conditions affect seed quality?
  3. Yes, don't pull the male out of the room.. that's how I did it?

    If you only want a few seeds, they say you can pull the male out. And when the pollen sacks bust open you can collect the pollen. Collect the pollen onto a plastic bag or something. Then you can use a q-tip and brush some pollen on a couple of the buds. I wanted more seeds so I just let the male do his thing.

    However, they say if you let the male pollinate. Then this will affect the quality and yield of the bud, because alot of plant energy is put into producing the seeds.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about this.

  4. You are correct. Once females are pollinated THC production is vastly reduced.
  5. Any one got any knowledge on the original question?
  6. The calyxes should start splitting open and exposing the seeds when they are ready. Assuming the males and females started 12/12 at the same time, then you shouldn't have to wait until you have all amber trichs. A normal harvest time should give you a ton of viable seeds.
  7. Cool.... thanks buz

    and yes the 12/12 was started at the same time. Yield will suffer this time around, but it will be worth it to get some seeds for the future.

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