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  1. Hello ! I have a plant and she is hermie, she pollinated herself, now she looks like this
    Its now on week 4 of flowering, and I want to know if this is harvestable . Because it seems like there is no bud, only beans.


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  2. Yes, definitely grow it out.  The seeds will all be feminized.  There just will not be as much bud with the developing seeds.
    Do you have other females around that can also get pollinated?  The probably are all pollinated if you do.
    What light schedule are you on?  Less that 12 hours of light can cause a plant to hermie.
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    No there are no more plants, and my light cycle is 12/12
    But this is bag seed so maybe it is in the genes
  4. No, it's not! I wish people would stop saying that. Bag seed is NOT genetically coded to seed itself (or hermie if you will). Bag seed comes from the same place all seeds come from.
    This is bag seed.
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    Okok sorry xD. So what do you think is this gonna have any bud in it ?
  6. Seeded bud is still bud, don't change anything, finish your grow. You'll have plenty of seeds to practice with and figure out where you went wrong this time. Plants hermie because they're MAJORLY stressed no matter what the genetics.
  7. I was always under the impression that hermi plant will only produce hermi seeds. Can someone confirm or deny this claim? I realy don't know

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  8. To produce "feminized" seeds, you force the plant to hermie. To cross strains, you get male pollen and put it on the female or allow them to "mate". When professional growers do it, they call it stable genetics, when it accidentally happens because you stressed the shit out of your plant, it's called a hermie and usually killed.
    No because any feminized seed you buy is a hermie seed lol..that's the only way to get a feminized seed.
  10. Okay, great to hear and clear up an old myth I used to believe. Thank you

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  11. :mellow: I must be invisible today...
    This is a prime example of what people believe to be growing "truth"

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