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  1. hello all. i have three plants that have been flowering for about two months now and the are covered in seeds. there must have been a hermi ball sak in the room and all the bud is covered in seeds. The biggest problem is that there is very little bud material. almost all ofd the bud is seeds. how can this be? shouldnt there be a good amount of bud even with seeds? anyone who has any idea whats up please fill me in cuz iv been waiting all this time and im crushed that its all seed and very little bud. :(
  2. i feel your pain man...i had a hermie get 7 clones like that this year also:(...there is more bud material there than you think;)...mine was so unbelievably loaded with seeds that i ended up over drying the plants so the seeds would pop out easier...smoked the rest as shake...or check out the honey oil video on the ganja link below:smoke:...also the female plants' seeds will be feminized...so i hear...the plant that is hermie has bad seeds...so i hear...gl and cheers.:D
  3. Hey I just noticed some stuff on my first plant, and I have tried to find pictures online of a female plant that has been pollinated... would anyone be able to post or link to a picture of a female that is developing seeds? I would really appreciate that.
  4. thanks for the uplifting info. The weird part is the seeds are on the outside of the bud not within the bud... the bud is veryyyy strange looking lol
  5. ooooh there in there sorry to say:devious:little ones and big...still smokes fine...if you can sort out your hermie you will have good seeds from the others...that's what i keep tellin myself anyways:eek:...i figure i could plant 100 seeds a year for the next 20 years and still have a bunch of the bastard offspring haunting my dreams:mad:...what might have been...:smoke:cheers and gl.
  6. hahaha i can't wait.... luckily im almost done with bagseed so ill have much better genetics with mi white widows which are just going into budding. if i get seeds in those, i mite have a serious meltdown lol
  7. Would a pollinated female happen to look ANYTHING like this:?


    I have somewhat fewer/lower density of those balls... my plant is definitely female, but i saw some of these things developing that look like but maybe not as much as smokable buds since they are only 2 and a half weeks into flower. that and got scared I had let the male cross pollinate before I killed it.

    I would take a picture, but my camera is broken and I can only use the auto mode, no macro.

    EDIT: Nevermind I think I am just being paranoid... the things i suspected to be seeds look really similar to this:


    of course mine is from bagseed so it doesnt look nearly as nice...
    (i still think its weird that i couldnt find any pics of a pollinated female plant, btw)
  8. of course mine is from bagseed so it doesnt look nearly as nice...
    (i still think its weird that i couldnt find any pics of a pollinated female plant, btw)

    look on the last page of my thread below...there is a picture of what i thought were false seed pods...oooh contraire...they are all too real...bastards...gl.
  9. i couldnt see anything in the images (i assume you meant the ones on the 4th page...)
    here is the best shot i could take of my buds, sorry its not that clear...

    anyone see anything i should be worried about or am i just being paranoid?

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  10. i cant tell by the pic but they are little green balls in a thin casing. its hard to put into words...
  11. okay thanks a lot though. i guess i will just have to wait and see. i only have this one plant so there is no risk of ruining a crop, and i dont have enough time to start over before winter, so i am just going to see what happens.

  12. looks like ya got some seeds:(...squeese one and if a little white mass is in the pod you'll know then...looks like it though...welcome to the club:rolleyes:...cheers.

    edit:sorry i have wrong thread at the bottom...here is a pic of my prego buds...page 3, sorry.

  13. how long into flowering did you know without doubt that they were seeds? mine werent even existent until the last few weeks of budding.

  14. i started to freak out in week 5 1/2, pics:eek:...i was in denial for about a week, 10 days:(...then i couldn't bear the lies any longer and slipped into a deep depression for another week:eek:...then i dried it and smoked it:hello:...it's all good in the end...cheers.
  15. haha ill skip the deppression cuz i have white widows two weeks into bud and they are keeping a smile on my face. i harvested the largest buds on the seedy plants and am now letting the smaller ones to fatten up..:)
  16. did you id the hermie?...you could selectivley pollinate 1 or 2 ww buds and send me some seeds, since i seem to be in the business of producing them:eek:...i'll trade ya 500 of mine for every one of yours...i need 10:p...any way ya look at it...seeds suck worm piss...cheers:D.
  17. My plants are huge and i do not see any ball sacks anywhere. If i did, they'd be gone trust me lol. But if my widows hermie.... which i shudder just thinking about, ur more then welcome to them lol. lets just think female and hopefully thats all we'll see after this shit. :hello:

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