Pollensac or calyx? Is it too early to tell?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by savemeabite138, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Looks male, but wait
  2. Same post as yesterday, you'll only get the same answers today. So just be patient:)
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  3. Little early. Only seeing stipules right now.
  4. This is what a Male will look like overnite going from invisible to first sign found this guy yesterday.
    Do you see that tiny ball in the center of the y . The calyx sack will appear on either side of the nose. If a ball pops out the center.. thats a dead givaway. If it was another shoot it would be " sprouting" not "forming"
    Do not cut your plant down if you see that. Unless your 100% . Look for at least 2 things to be sure. The next pic shows top of plant were it's the most mature at this point its obviously forming sacks all around the top.
    Be patient you will have at least a few days after its absolutely undeniably a Male before it's of any threat.
    Bag it up , chop it down, tie the bag. And dump it at the laundrymat garbage . In that order.
    20190725_112721.jpg 20190725_112618.jpg

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