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  1. Why is there no market for selling Pollen??God I d love it if there was and it would be so much easier then growing out males and selecting the one you like ,the collecting the pollen.It s along process and it sucks,especially if you screw up and pollinate all ur plants ,Which is extremely easy to do..Anyway was wondering if theres anything out there or info about the subject.
  2. Pollen isn't viable long enough to sell it. Not to mention you'd never know what you're getting. I could sell you some crap pollen and say it was bomb. You'd never know the difference. I think you can freeze it to save for a time, but it's like 4-5 days in the air till it's useless. Too many issues I think.
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  3. to short a life span

    keeping it frozen

    even viable during transport is an issue

    good luck
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