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  1. Can someone please help me I have been trying for a long time to acquire kief. I've gone through several grinders and I cannot seem to collect any. This last grinder I even bought a silk insert pollen screen since they are interchangeable and still nothing after about two and a half grams.

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    moisture, humidity, heat...those are problems for kief catchers..they make the trics stick to other stuff and not through the screen.
    dry cold will help with the screen passing the trics
  3. Would you sugguest freezing the screen insert? Or the whole grinder already loaded in the freezer?

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  4. Dude.....2 and a half g through a grinder ain't gonna knock shit off.

    I'd say I put around an oz to an oz and a half before my kief really starts thickening up to be able to scoop and press and do anything with. Get a nice small 4 piece grinder. Invest some money on it and take care of it and it will do wonders for you.

    Give it time man and keep smoking.

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  5. Ya man my spacecase gets used every day and it's not like every week I have enough crystal to make a gram of hash .. It takes time I just forget about it for a few months then when you open it it's like BAM! Full thing of crystal what do I do with all these! Lol

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  6. Get better, dryer weed.  I've had stuff before that would give a gram of kif for everyth 1/8th passed through. 
  7. Space case collects good kief, all I can really say is are you looking to spend 85$ for it? Lol

    Still 2.5 g's wouldn't get you much kief unless you are using an agitator to nock extra trics but that also taints the purity in my experience.

    Be patient, ISO wash your grinder every so often otherwise your screen will get clogged. A clean screen is the best way to collect kief IMO.

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