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    my dealer just hooked me up some kief and i have had a bowl of 0.5g and feel pretty baked :smoke:. never had kief before so don't know much about it, how do you guys think it is? :smoke:
  2. I never heard of it what does it look like, you should post a picture.
  3. Never smoked pollen...I was under the impression pollen was mostly used to pollenate the superior female plant? :bongin:
  4. well, it should be keif not pollen hahah but keif is legit
  5. yeah it was Kief, just asked him haha. he said it was known as pollen around where i live :)
  6. Just take two decent buds that are dry and rub the shiney crystals together lightly. Some leaf will come off. If you want to get rid of most of the leaf particles you can move the whole pile of weed with the outside side of your pinky, with your thumb up in the air. If you look at your pinky finger afterwards there will be a little bit of golden flakey looking stuff stuck to your finger. That is mostly kief.

    I swipe it with my pinky to get most of the leaf out, pack a nug in the bowl, put the shake in, then top it off with the golden kief I got by moving it around the table with my finger.

    Helps make bong hits tastier.

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