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    thats all i have to say

    shits EVERYWHERE man. my car is now yellow. the roads and parking lots are literally yellow, and when people drive down the road it kicks up pollen dust. and your tires get yellow. its fuckin nasty and my nose and eyes are suffering.

    bad where you are too?
  2. Haha, how I feel about perfume.

    Makes my respiratory system swell up.

    Fuck you perfume wearers.
  3. i was so pissed. i washed my car a couple months ago and the day after i did it it looked worse than before... i didnt bother washing it since...
  4. that shit fucking sucks. Sneeze every time I go outside can't wait for it to end.
  5. Man, I just waxed and buffed my truck last weekend.. That damn thing is already almost yellow. (It's originally black :p)

    Damn pollen.:mad:
  6. I'm right above you in VA, shit's the same way.

    I'm sure within the next few days I'm going to be sneezing like a cunt.
  7. i swear its even worse todayeven though it rained last night. my car looks like shit, and i have a soft top convertible so its weird looking lol

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