Pollen Shelf Life?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by BruceDrillits, May 15, 2011.

  1. Ive heard Male plant pollen can be taken from the plant and stored for later pollination.
    Has anybody tried this, how long does the pollen stay effective...and so on..?
  2. Pollen, if stored properly, can remain viable for many years. Much longer than seeds.

    Viable pollen, (not dope plants), was found in the tombs of the Egyptian Kings

    The usual rules for storage apply - exclude air, moisture and light.
    Try in the refrigerator, in a tight plastic bag.
    Once there, don't take it out until you intend to use it, or condensation will cause problems.
    Sachets of silica gel will help.
  3. i have a shit load of seeds from my last plant, what do you recomend i do to prolong their life
  4. Much the same - no moisture, heat or light - back to the refrigerator with silica gel.

    N.B. Make sure they're really well dried first or their life will be drastically shortened.
  5. cool thanks bud
  6. No worries, mate. (This has been a much more pleasant and polite thread than another I'm involved in just at the moment.)
    Glad to help.

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