Pollen/Seeds reduce Potency?

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  1. Ok so i think like many peole ive always been under the impression that weed with seeds is less potent than weed without them. However in my reading it seems that most growers dont seem to notice a difference in potency only a difference in yield(obviously). The more i thought about it i realized that most of the seedy weed ive had had been mids while the unseeded weed homegrown cron(obvious difference in potency there). But ive had plenty of outdoor weed that was seedy and also extremely potent/delicous :smoking:. So now im stuck here wondering... does it make a difference? Whats your guys experience out there?
  2. yes, it does
  3. When the bud gets seeded the plant puts most of its energy into producing seeds rather than producing resin which results in lower potency.
  4. I have been outdoors for a lot of years and know my strains very well, I have seeded many a plant in part and completely, and I have never seen a notable drop in potency. In fact the basic science of reproduction would lead me to believe that it is more likely to improve. the plant (after pollenation) should take in nutes and oxygen better and grow with just a bit more vigor. ever notice that when a woman gets pregnant she grows hair and fingernails faster than ever, its kinda the same, the plant becomes more healthy to better care for the undeveloped seed, as does everything that reproduces. its metabolism will normally speed up. you may, depending on strain, see a drop in yield or a faster finish but not to drastic.
  5. THE strongest 'pot' that I've ever smoked was a batch out of Nigeria (pure sativa) that had been 'girded' and then fermented. It was LOADED with seeds and 4 of us couldn't finish a single pinner - circa 1970.

    Sativas from Kerala, India are almost cosmic and they're loaded with seeds. Same with the Oaxaca sativa strains from Mexico. Jamaican Lambsbread - a pure legend that is LOADED with seeds.

    It's all in the genetics and the historical method of growing and curing that is important, IMHO.

    Then again - YMMV

  6. It does..really? You mean I have been growing schwag all these years?

    I can see where the flowers which are pollnated may be somewhat less potent, however, not those which were left unpollinated. I selectively pollinate when producing seeds and/or in breeding projects. I often harvest the top half of the plant and leave the lower pollinated flowers to go a bit longer so my seeds will be fully mature. I have never noticed a difference in potency from the unpollinated flowers. I'm not saying it is not possible, for I use my pollinated flowers for hash once the seeds are harvested from them. So I would have no idea if they are less potent than the unpollinated flowers or not.

    Personally, I have never experienced a noticable difference in potency myself.
  7. not that i have the experience of half of you but i was under the impression that this line of thinking follows something like..

    taken in part from Budslingers sticky on sexing.

    ~.the floral bract, which houses the ovule or potential seed, Bracts are covered more densely with large resin glands than is any other part of the plant, and are the most potent part of the harvest.
    When fertilised, a single seed begins to develop within the bract, which then swells until it is split by the mature seed. ~

    ...and that through that process potency is lost. the precious essential oils having being used to produce the seed.

    Please correct my line of thinking Less, i know you arent growin shwag.
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    I'm not here to correct something I cannot answer personally. That line of thinking makes perfect sense, which is very much inline with what I was saying. I selectively pollinate so as not to seed up the entire plant. I smoke the unpollinated flowers, but do not smoke the pollinated flowers for I use them for hash after harvesting my seeds. So I cannot speak if these pollinated flowers are less potent or not. I have never noticed a difference in potency from my unpollinated flowers off plants I had selectively pollinted certain flowers on, when comparing it to plants I did not pollinate at all.

    Your line of thinking makes perfect sense in the way of the pollinated flowers possibly being less potent, but would it also be fair to consider that the flowers which were not pollnated would still be of normal potency b/c they are not subjected to the same developmental processes as the flowers which were pollinated?

    I was just poking fun at that post b/c it stated an answer with no explanation and/or personal experience to back it up. I hope I'm not growing schwag, if I am, then I'm fooling alot of people who speak highly of my bud when they smoke it...LOL...this includes myself.
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  9. yup thats pretty logical,and makes sense to me, but i wonder if is really noticable to the smoker, I have some "two toke" does it become a "three toke" cuz if your like me you'll just hit the "two toke" 20 times and eat way too much wonderin' why the fuck I did that....again!
  10. I think it could be resolved by testing seeded and unseeded bud on the same plant. I do not have the testing ability to figure THC, CBD and all that, but I'm sure some big growers might be able to affort the tests.

    Also, in the old days, weed had seed. The amount determined how much smoke you were going to get from a lid. Really seedy stuff yielded less smoking, and that shaped perception regarding strength. Clean weed was generally better. When sinsemilla came around, there was 100% smokable weed, a big deal.

    So, what would you rather have, a 5 gram bud with seed, or a 5 gram sinsemilla bud from the same plant? Let's find out.

    Since I'm growing for seed and weed, I'll be pollinating a bud or two. I can compare. I'll report in.

  11. I've been brought up by hippies ...lol sad but true. My dad had a 2 sided groom for 20yrs of my life! One side was again split into 2 halfs (one for sensi one for pollinated) he had more customers wanting the seeded bud (dad always removed seeds so as to keep the popping mid smoke down) but yes he always swore seeded was more potent!
    The sensi was for medibals only, this is only my own experience and not read this info. I grow autos and I make DAMN SURE I pollinate all my plants. I've strains coming outta my ears and tons of seedy goodness to smoke :) jahh.
    Pps live and learn, read and read on.....ill be living. Jah
  12. Dude dont smoke Seeds!!!!!!!!!!
    They bust your nuts
    Your suppose to take them

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