Pollen Sack or New Growth? Please Help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sikabuyin, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. This plant is from seeds I made in my last grow. I hoping to make feminized seeds so I took Hermi (Mostly Female plant) pollen and crossed it with a 100% female. It is a girl for sure, I just saw my first pistols a few hours ago. I'm just not sure if it a a regular girl or a Jamie Lee Curtis type of a girl. All of these suspect pollen sacks are just under brand new growth and look like leaves may pop out of them. I took three pictures and will include a zoomed in version for each.

    Let me know what you think.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. definately pollen sacks
  3. definitely a hermie, obviously from hermie seed's.
  4. Hermie Genes stay hermie genes, it would take years of backcrossing to get the hermies out of the new strain you hace created. And when you where finished you would still get hermies!!!

    Go with good genes!! don't waste time with hermie, your plants look good but chop them down unless you want more hermie seeds and seeded bud to smoke.
  5. WHOA!!! Don't chop anything down!!! I think,in a day or two(maybe a couple hours), those will open up and spit out some hairs and a new bud. If you've only been on 12/12 for a week, a male plant would need at least 1 more week to bust its load. Relax.
  6. thats a male for sure,
    I dont see any evidence for it being a hermie.
  7. Thats not a female plant, its a male plant. Just chuck it out before it ruins any female plants.

    Unless of course there are some female hairs on there, which looking at those pics there aren't.
  8. definate male
  9. Just for the record it was a girl dominant hermi. Those were balls but I held out a few more days and pistols started showing up. It's all in the 2nd grow in my sig that says "harvested"

    I ended up with 3 zips of good smoke.

    Edit: The Bud in my Avatar is from this plant

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