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  1. So I have an absolute stud male orange kush plant this year that I would like to try an make a little breeding project with. I have a few questions relating to the timing and technique of the pollen collection. When is the correct time to extract the pollen? My plant has tons of sacks all over the plant but none have opened or split yet. Just wondering when the optimal time is. My plant is also outdoor and I have no way to finish a cutting indoors like that one sticky thread shows. What would you guys recommend doing? I'm thinking just wait a little longer and then go through each set of sacks individually with a razor and a zip lock bag to catch the pollen. Anyone have a more effecient way of doing this? Thanks for the help
  2. trim it down to one branch.

    and when those sacs start to open up, "milk it" 1-2 times a day , by using a paper sack..

    put the paper sack over the branch ,then shake the branch. let it sit for a few before removing ( lets pollen settle).

    if your girl is ready ( and most likely will be if outdoors) then just go straight to her ..and pick one branch to pollinate, put her into the bag ..shake .. let sit.. remove. do this for 3-5 days (insurance)

    repeat on all girls you want to cross.

    if your girls are not ready .. make sure you get all organic material out besides pollen, and store in the freezer in an air tight container. then when you want to use .. just paint onto the buds with a brush..but do not let the pollen thaw.. brush it on frozen .. that way only the pollen you wan tot use is effected.

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