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pollen press. VERY NICE!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pointfive, May 24, 2006.

  1. so ive had this grinder for a while.. its a coffee bean grinder.. you know.. the small kind with the button on top.. its perfect.. the lid is kinda like an upside down bowl that inserts in to the grinder part.. well.. the point is that its collected alot of kif and homie just got a pollen press!! OH MY GAWD!! i didnt know.. i swear i didnt know.. all them sweet fuzzy's make up one nice little cake.. its sooo yummy... jeez!! i just wanna go all homer simpson about it.. i give it 2 thumbs waay up and would definately recomend using a pollen press for any seasoned toker!
  2. i'll have to try that sometime.
  3. seriously.. im raveing about this!
  4. Ahhh another initiate into the pressed kief world. Welcome to the best way to toke my friend. You should try vaping the stuff... pure heaven.
  5. good suggestion... im sure ill post about it when i do..
  6. friend did the same thing, he told me it didnt work well for some reason, but i always wanted one anyway.
  7. hopefully be getting the vapor genie soon!!
  8. lemmie know if anyone here's used one... how did it smoke?
  9. Is it a harsh smoke, or is it tasty?
  10. ooooh.. it is soooo tasty!! deffinately one of the most pleasant smokes ive ever smoked..
  11. i ordered mine a few days ago, it should be here tomorrow.

    can't wait to press some keif and smoke a few bongs.
  12. congratulations... im sure you wont be disapointed..

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