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  1. So I'm looking at this sweet looking pollen press that I wanna get but what is the purpose of it? I know it's to press down a lot of your keef into a tablet like form but what is the benefit to that? What do people do with the big tablet of keef after pressing it down? Do they put it in a bowl and smoke the whole tablet lol?

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  2. It's easier than sprinkling it, just break off a chunk and pack the bowl.

    Pressing it turns it into a form of hash.

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  3. If you spill it, you spill 1 chunk instead of loose kief all over your carpet.
    And hash is made from kief so kief is just dry hash.
  4. On a more purity level...

    Pressing kief, ruptures the resin glands(trichomes) and forms a mass of resin...

    After pressing, store it and cure it for a couple weeks, ...
  5. Thanks for your replies guys! Gonna pick one up!

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