Pollen in my grow box

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by growerfred, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Ok.. So i ended up with a hermy and got seeds in my bud. Im plannen on getten good seeds and going for round 2. What do you guys suggest to get rid of the pollen. Do i have to worry about the pollen? Also what are your imput on femenized seeds?
  2. you'll get mixed reviews on fem seeds. i love them, have never even once had a hermie. check out www.drchronic.com and www.cannabean.com both of these sites have great prices and super stealth shipping. to render pollen inert, spray it with water. plain tap water. if you need to de-pollenize your box just mist the whole thing inside and out till it's dripping. then just wipe it down really good. maybe mix a teaspoon of bleach into the spraybottle to sanitize your cab while your at it. good luck bro!
  3. right now were just growen some bagseeds..We started out with 8 and had 5 that we thought were female. Its 5 weeks into floweren tomorrow and the other day we noticed seeds were coming in. We examined every plant carefully and found the hermy..So were ganna start new again with some strawberry cough fem.

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