Pollen hash

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  1. Smoked pollen hash from a pipe and bong last night , made me para af , will it make me para again , and what's the best thing to do with it
  2. Either you don't need to smoke that because of your paranoia or just relax more
  3. you got as paranoid as you would if you smoked a lot of that weed i guess. any concentrates are still just marijuanas being injected into you.
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    You smoked too much at once bro, I smoked a bowl of homemade hash it had 6 different kinds of kief in it, I tripped balls it made me have an anxiety attack I thought I was having a heart attack lol, my parents called an Ambulance because my heart was beating real fast, I've since been diognosed with anxiety, I still smoke but I just avoid smoking so much as once.. Try smoking less wait 10-20 minutes see how you feel then have some more thats what I do now and I dont get para/anxious
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