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    Que passa blades?
    So I've found myself this weekend rolling like crazy. I had a 32 pack of Raws on me since thursday night and I must've rolled atleast half of that thing by now. I'm really liking them but for some odd reason the gum hasn't been sticking too well like usual. Anyone else notice that lately?

    I digress, all this joint rolling got me wondering what everyone else uses as there go to papers. If you show up at a party and there's a few grams that need to be rolled up, what papers are you armed with?

    I personally love the taste and roll of Raws, but I'm jonesing to try something new. Anyways, post somethin if you feel the need to rep your papers or convert some blades.

    I think the list above is pretty comprehensive, tell me if I missed your brand man!!

    (edit: Hey thanks for being so responsive you guys! Keep voting and remember, if you're brand isn't up there, say "Other" and post in the thread!!"
  2. I'm not that big on joints. But I like zig zags the best. Like the marley papers though too.
  3. 1.zig zags
  4. [​IMG]
    i like these smoking maize papers made from corn
  5. Hm, never new they made maize papers. That sounds like a unique smoke.
    Definitely never seen that in stores near me!
  6. Can you add Rizzla blue - "king size" to the poll please. Its basicly the only rolling paper people use for joints in South Australia.
  7. Rizla Black's all the way :smoking:
  8. Elements are the best smoke to me, zigzags are easy to roll
  9. def zig zags for ease of rolling but jobs are the ish real rap
  10. Been using zig-zags since day one, never bought any other papers besides juicy jays once
  11. where are the tops? :/
    no need to smoke all that paper
    if you try to roll a small doobie
    in an 1 1/2 or even 1 1/2 paper
    youre wrapping it in layers of paper
    for no reason at all really
    paper burns faster than weed too
  12. Jokers have never let me down. Actually learned to roll on them, thats why I voted them in

    But now, i prefer Zig Zags or JOBs for the ease of rolling and the smoke
  13. We joint rollers sure are dedicated. :p
  14. No tops :(?

    If there aren't tops, then zig-zags all the way though

  15. you use those ? i guess theyre wicked easy to roll, but i find you like like an idiot holding onto the damn wire.
  16. I always go for the E-Z wider 1/4. I find that they're just about the perfect size for a joint and they almost always have a gum that isn't worn out and doesn't stick. The 1/2s are a little too big and have a much harsher hit because of all the papers.

    Also don't mean to bash but I've had horrible experiences with Juicy Jays rolling papers, every time I've bought a pack they've had no stick on their gum and my joints would unroll. Not recommended, but maybe I was unlucky
  17. HAS to be the zigzag CUT CORNERS... those or marleys nothing else.. ever

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