- POLL - Your Wallet: Which Pocket is it in?

Discussion in 'General' started by ramone&emiglio, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Like the title says, which pocket do you carry your wallet in? Personally mine is in my back left pocket.
  2. No poll?

    I don't keep it on me all the time.. Usually in my jacket..
  3. The poll should be up by now, or appear soon
  4. front right son, so you can't try and touch it!
  5. Right cargo pocket normally. Or back right.
  6. back right always
  7. I take this to mean you wear cargo pants alot?

  8. Khaki cargos, birkenstocks, and a t-shirt. Add hoodie when it gets cold, and that's me.
  9. back right pocket about 99%9 of the time.
    unless I'm at a baseball game or such. then I would put it in the front right or not bring it.
  10. I didnt know people kept it anywhere else then back-left.

    Only me and one other guy do this.

    Man I gotta rethink this whole situation of the wallet...
  11. ^^
    Crazy backwards Canadians.

    Everyone knows it should be in the back right.
  12. front left for me, i hate using my back pockets and my right front is reserved for my phone and ipod

  13. haha! thats exactly what I was going to say ^ it's the same for me
  14. back left all the time, feels so weird anywhere else.
  15. I used to always carry my wallet in my right back pocket. But now i just use an I.D. holder that sips out of it for my license and debit and credit cards.

    But i just realized i put the ID slip in my left back pocket now!:eek::eek:But it is smaller, like a Wallet Jr
  16. Sounds like my type of person.
  17. Back right or front right when I got gym shorts with no back pockets.
  18. back right...and most of my pants got those back pockets with buttons...so its easier to feel if someones tryin to pickpocket me...plus i dont keep much money on me...and if i do i keep the money in my front left pocket...front right is my keys

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