Poll: Will Prop 19 pass?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dudeson83, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Yes or no?
  2. Well as Mist said. The latest polls are showing YES with a wider margin over NO so I think you can guess what I voted :)
  3. Most likely. The polls are leaning that way, plus its an issue that the YES voters will be more passionate than the NOs, and probably vote at higher proportions.
  4. The real issue is not "will it pass?" but rather "will it be upheld?"
  5. no doubt... I have faith in the Cali voters and most likely it will pass

    It all depends on have far the Supreme Court rapes the idea of the interstate commerce clause.

    If it wins in the courts then all us smokers in the 50 states will gain big momentum :hello:
  6. You said it man....

    I'm pretty sure it will pass.....but like purplenuggets said....will it be upheld?

    I've been pondering this question, and i am starting to get pretty ancy....

    Especially with what the D.E.A. is saying they're going to do if Prop 19 passes...

    All I can say, is that if the D.E.A. does try to shit on our rights after prop 19 passes, the potheads of california (even all of america maybe) better unite against. Otherwise, I will be sorely disappointed if we did all that work getting it legalized, then being too modest to even stand up for that right...
  7. Yes, it will pass.

    Unfortunately, it has already lost in the Supreme Court. (2005 Raich decision)

    There is no way to guarantee that cannabis produced in California, for use in California, will remain in California.

    Schedule one strikes again, this time pre-emptively.

    On the good side, we can always ignore the Supreme Court, as we did in 2005.

    They announced it as the "end of the medical cannabis movement". (hehehe)

    And the debate goes instantly to the forefront, as the feds move to strike down more voter approved legislation, with obscure twistings of the intent of the Constitution.

    It should be a blast to watch, but wear a flak jacket, it could get ugly.

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