poll: which name for my cat??

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  1. i still havent named my kitten. she's now 5 months and 5 days old. i own the mother cat and (gross) watched this cat being born. so i've had her since she was 2 seconds old. the pics below are when she was 3 months and the baby ones are when she was 8 days old.

    the two choices are, Lexie and Thea.

    Thea is a god (i think greek) that means mother of the moon. also, the proto-planet that collided with a molten early earth, which in turn formed our moon, was named Thea. (get it?.. mother of the moon)

    And Lexie is just a name i like and narrowed down from other ideas. I think the cat looks like a lynx. but lynxie doesnt sound right. so lexie is good.





    only those 2 names. if ur gonna post other names or post something stupid dont even bother. thanks for ur cooperation
  2. Well, the name I have loved for a long time, and am planning on using when I get a new pet... Diesel :D
  3. Thats pretty bitchy,your not gonna get alot of replies with that attitude...

    My cats name is Max........So I would go with Thea,but Lexie sounds pretty cool too.
  4. I think Diana or Artemis was actually the Goddess of the moon.. but yea no kittens being born isn't icky! I mean c'mon it's natural, what the hell are you gunna say when you have a kid some day? :p

    Such a cute baby thou! I vote for lexi, sexi lexi! My friend had a horse she called that :D

  5. My guess is your freind was'nt reffering to the horse's face when she called him sexi lexi.....:p
  6. lol :D no no, she was, t'was a B-E-A-UUUUUtiful horsey
  7. I suggest Roxy.
  8. its roxi, how bout dutchy
  9. i like lexie better than thea...

    but personally i wood name my cat KITTY NATION :D
  10. I like Kitty Nation. That's a good name for a cat. :hello:
  11. how about mr fluffers, or pickles. my cats name is toast.
  12. Lexie sounds kind of ... lame lol. Thea sounds much cooler in my opinion.
  13. I originally thought thea was a good name.
    However, i have come up with a much greater name- bootylicious.
    now THATS a good name for a cat.
  14. the THEA is a college level entry exam in texas :p

  15. i second Hempress's seconding of me :D

  16. yea it is. i googled thea and that came up most

    i appreciate the suggestions but i regretfully inform you that i will either be choosing from lexie of thea. i've been thinkin of a name for 5+ months and trust me i've been over them all. i even looked at a web site that all it shows on the page is 2000 male names, then 2000 female names.

    i've already used up a bunch of cool names on other pets. rocky (cat), onyx (cat), sasha (cat), sativa (nile monitor lizard), cyraxx (albino reticulated python....most beutiful living thing on planet earth), mortimer (red-tailed boa), the underpants gnome (blue-tounge skink), super sticky purple mouse (duh) and my favorite name, jim (another mouse... super sticky purple mouse's fuck buddy.... mice are expensive these days.. especially when 3 of your pets eat up to 10 combined mice a week... although usually around 6)

    anyone know how to check the current status of a poll?? i started it and made it for 10 days but i wanna know the tally so far.... i'm going to add my vote, my girls and my moms to that and the winner will be the cats name.
  17. nevermind my mental retardation. i just saw the place to click and view poll results

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