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Poll: When Will Cannabis be legalized?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kristoperobin1, May 16, 2002.


When Do You Think pot will be legalized?

  1. This Year

    0 vote(s)
  2. A fuew years

    0 vote(s)
  3. Ten years

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  4. More than 50

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  5. It will never be legalized

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  1. When will Pot be legalized?
  2. I had to pick ten years because i think it might get leagl hera in about 20-25 years good post though,later~
  3. i picked 1 because i sure hope its that soon
  4. I voted that it will be legal in a few years. With all of the pro-marijuana campaigning I've been seeing lately, I think the government will start to think differently about this harmless herb.

    I think someone here should call one of those fake fortune teller thingies on the phone and would be great to see what they say.
  5. Thanks, I belive this is a gret poll too. And if annyone asked me i would say a couple years like 3 or 4 beacuse most of europe is alredy in process of legalizing now, i think there will be a domino affect and other countries (including america) will finally Make way for the legalizing of marijuanna. Hopefully when they do legalize it there batch will be better then what thoes canadians grew(ditch weed).
  6. NOT SOON ENOUGH!!! :smoking:
  7. I'm gonna say 10 years.

    I think its gonna still be awhile for the US to back down and legalize marijuana. At some point it will be legalized. MJ will be legalized when people from the 70's and 80's get elected into office. They will look at those laws and say "Hey I used to light up with my friends!" and they will know that MJ doesn't harm you. And that theres nothing wrong with it....
  8. right now i'd be happy with some decriminalization
  9. I think it'll be more like 50 years? Sorry I'm so pessimistic...[​IMG]
    There's just so much injustice in the world that needs to be taken care of right now. The way our government appears to be swaying towards is one of more and more control, corruption, and apathy...not one of peace, understanding and tolerance. We value guns more than we do a human life...war more than peace.
    Pot is for those of us that are peaceful... [​IMG] We want to make the world a fair place to live. Weed allows you to think allowed with like minded people, and see the way things really are. Our government doesn't want us to do that. They don't want the masses to see them for what they are. Controlling the legality of weed makes them keep us unaware...and under control... [​IMG]


    PS There are so many reasons why they won't allow it. I post somewhere else about big business not wanting it legal dor monetary reasons. Then if you consider all the fundalmentalist, right-wing Christian's in this country? I just don't see it happening for a very long time. Possibly for medical reasons, it will be legal. But then large, profitable pharmaceutical compaines get to make some nice money off of it. [​IMG]
  10. I believe other countries are going to lead in the decriminalization of Marijuana. As soon as the US realizes the financial potential this industry has, it will follow. I truly believe it will happen in less than 5 years.

    We need to wish us all Good Luck in this! One important thing in this battle is for each of us to be honest and upfront in our relationship and use of Marijuana.

    Dennis in Florida
  11. I'd say at least 10 years for the United States. As for Canada it might be much sooner. They are expected to have a decision this year as to whether or not it should be legal.
  12. I don't think it'll ever get legalized here in the states. thats a damn shame but as long as the gov't can make more money selling it illeagaly and from fines we pay for non-compliance with the laws, than they can taxing it why should they? It makes no economic sence for them to make it legal. I'm simply looking at this from the paraniod minority's viewpoint here though.
  13. I am going to say at least 10 years because the US is slow with accepting the realization that they have been wrong about anything so they need time to wiggle into it so that they don't appear to realize that they were ever wrong about putting a prohibition on MaryJane.

    I so agree with deninfl in that we must all stand beside our convictions. Denying one's relationship with MaryJane really hinders us in the long run. I know that it is hard to "come out" because of the legal ramifications but you can contribute to the cause without tokin' up in front of law enforcement officials by signing petitions, sending letters to our government officials and joining groups that rally for the decriminalization and legalization of sweet MaryJane.

    It will take time and hard work but a unified force can and will make the difference in this crusade!!!!!
  14. well, im sad to say that it will never be legalized... sure the laws for medical marijuana will maybe be reformed... but i dont think im gonna get my hopes up. politicians, and psycho-religious people are too ignorant these days
  15. When the Brother Hood takes over the government, when us the pot heads are in power and do something about it only then will it be legalized

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  16. i say ten years

    oh and i thought the gov't couldn't tax plants so that was why they didn't want it legalized (they couldn't make money off it)
  17. I dont think it will ever happen in the US as long as the government continues to work for big business instead of "We The People". The petrochemical, lumber, and pharmaceutical companies (to name a few) make too much money coming up with less efficient, more harmful ways to do what hemp can do. Nothing can be done as long as these huge money powerhouses are calling the shots. After all, the people of this country elected a president that as lived the good life thanks to the oil industry! No way he would ever support the destruction of his livlihood.
  18. I have said Never, and only for the simple reason that governments would never be able to TAX the fine 'erb. Impossible to control.
    However I believe decriminalisation is the answer, and also what groups like ourselves should push for!
  19. uhhhh i think it'll be another 10 years or so b4 cannabis will be legalized. believe me i'd like it to be a lot sooner, but at the rate our government acts thats just not possible.
  20. well i got good news, for all you people who wanna kno when its ganna be legalized i am absolutly shure that in the next 20-10 years it will be legalized. see,,, alredy they are slowly progressing twords legalizing. but imagine this. 10 or maybe 15 years from now i'd be 25-30 years old. now what do you think happend to all thoes baby boomer legislators or congress men that are there now? they'll take a boomper on there boomer all right. they'll be dead! yeah! it happens to everyone, but we will have a new board of congress and legislators. ut o. all the kids now days kno pot isnt annymore dangrous than alchol, even the kids opposed to drug use tell me at least its not crack. and thankgod its not. so just wait for these old farts to die. and then i'm shur we can move on and bitch about somthing els for once.

    Peace out


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