Poll: What is your IQ?

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  1. If you don't know you can take a free and fun test here: IQTest.com
  2. I've been recorded as ~150 since I was young. I don't trust online tests, most of mine have been at the psychologist's office, designed by professionals. It's hard to know who (or what) designs cheap online ones
  3. I don't trust any of those online sites. I got like 161 on one of those once lol. My SAT converted to IQ was 129 though...but that was 4 1/2 years ago.
  4. You don't really have to ask. Everyone on here is a genius...
  5. I've gotten everywhere from 130 to 160 in my lifetime, not that I think it matters. Getting a good score on an IQ test only proves one thing; you are good at taking IQ tests.
  6. I tampered with the results :devious: :devious:
  7. Where is the " Way over 9000! " button>?
  8. I got a 32 on my ACT

    Don't know my IQ tho

    Pretty good considering the average ACT score is like 20 haha
  9. [quote name='"BA"']I got a 32 on my ACT

    Don't know my IQ tho

    Pretty good considering the average ACT score is like 20 haha[/quote]

    Pretty good? shit man you know it's outta 36 right? haha I got 28 and was in the top 9% of the country so your like... Top 3% maybe? nice man :wave:

  10. The test is free. You take the test. Give an email and get the score in email. You can opt to pay $10 for some sort of evaluation if you want but it is NOT required.


    Also mine was 125 stoned! :smoke:
  11. I took an aptitude a while ago and my brain just cant work that shit out , I didnt want the results back and I still dont plan on it , (costs 20 euro anyway) ,
  12. It was around 120? in high school

    But back then I was severely depressed and I bet its much higher than that now
  13. mines 140, but i wouldnt trust an online iq test. Theres a lot more to iq than what can be measured over the internet
  14. your IQ doesn't really ever change. A real IQ test can only be given and evaluated by a trained professional.

    Not something you can really study or prepare for.
  15. Where is the option for potato?
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    Yup haha of course I know it's out of 36.... I don't even think I was top 10 in my school. One of my buddies got a 35 cumulative....which is genius status. I was always in the honors/AP classes so 32 was just average for the people I went to class with.

    I was thrilled with a 32. I was a straight edge kid in high school (for the most part), so that probably helped academically

    I know my Dad is 140+ IQ wise. He's an entrepreneur...owns many businesses. If I'm half as successful as him I'll be living a very comfortable life.

  17. Shit, I didn't even see that. Just checked my email, and sure enough the score was there.

    I got 127, which is amazingly the exact same score I got on a real IQ test at a psychologist's office a couple years back. I guess this test is pretty accurate after all.

    Here's a link to an IQ percentile and rarity chart. I'm in the top 4-5% :cool:

  18. Mine was given by a professional.

    Your IQ can change. Thats been proven. As far as mine goes, I cant honestly say. Its been at least 10 years since I took it. Its just my belief that I hadnt mentally developed back then and my depression didnt help either. All I remember is that I didnt want to be there, I hated the guy that was giving it, and I didnt give a fuck about my iq.

    If I took it seriously today, I believe it would be higher. But who really knows. Maybe the test outsmarted me

  19. I didn't know that. Got any links on how your IQ could change?

    Upon a little research i found the people with high IQ's tend to have just as many problems to work through because of over thinking and procrastination etc..

    I also want to say there is a link with people who have above average IQ's and experimenting with drugs and such.

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