Poll: Weirdest thing thats ever happened to you while you were blazed?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ItalianJohnnyBun, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Just a quick question to all the stoners(;

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  2. A friend ofine and I were coming back from getting a bag and we witnessed a car chase on HWY4 in Cali that ended up stopping by her house.

    We also watched hoodrats get into a fight

    Witness crazy drivers

    And heard some crazy shit.

    All on HWY4

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  3. Walking to the computer room, it's pitch black but the computer is on. Before I walk in there I watch for 4 seconds. There's a shadow standing by the computer (making me think its my sibling) then the computer shuts off. I quickly ran up the stairs and hid under a blanket I was terrified. My sibling was in fact not home either.
  4. Dat spooky hibernation mode...

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  5. Slendern*gger

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  6. We were smoking a blunt and i swear that bitch disapeared on us we seached for it for like 10 mins an found it all the way across the room istill dont know how it got there

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    A bear walked into my friends cabin up at Northstar ski resort in tahoe. We were blazing in the living room, heard something come in the back door to the kitchen.

    Immediately heard the fridge being opened and seeing food being flung everywhere.

    We looked around corner and boom. Grizzly bear. He didn't see us, luckily, so we ran upstairs and called his dad haha. Shit was intense.

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  8. That is some scary shit.

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  9. Me and my friend just got done blazing at this park and were walking to the store and we see this man jumping around on the sidewalk with the 70's basketball shorts and no shirt on. Then he starts jogging backwards in the street singing to himself. Thought we smoked something laced but it was weird as fuck to see

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  10. No Grizzly bears left in CA.
    But I did have a black bear run put in front of me earlier so I know they're not in hibernation...
  11. maybe it was a black bear, i dont remember haha

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  12. Me and my friend were smokin some bowls at the park on a really nice day and we're just chattin it up until *SPLAT*  a bird shit right on my friends shoulder haha. We were just like "whoaaa what are the odds hahahaha". It was even funnier because it didn't happen to me lol.
    And these all happened when i was blazed (i think). One time i was smoking in my room and i was the only one at the house and i heard someone just scream my name (and i have a pretty unique name). I ran down because i thought my parents were home and i didn't wanna get caught, but no one was there. 
    Another time i went to get munchies and i came up back to my room and after i closed my door, it locked all on it's own. 
    Then once i was in my room in the dark except for my computer and i was browsing GC and i have a stand for reading music behind me, and something pushed this heavy music book off it and then after i picked it up i felt something tug the sleeve of my shirt. Really freaked me out since it was all in the dark, but i'm not really scared of whatever it is.
  13. When I was 14 I was really blazed at my crib and saw a shadow, thought it was my dad so I ran away like a panzi
  14. Me and my girl like going on night walks when we blaze but one night we were so interested in this cat we saw chillin on a brick fence, then that mothetfucker decides to jump to the other side and it screamed so damn loud aaaannd well I think it died but damn that was so weird

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  15. When i get high, I would like walk into a room without controlling my body, and I once walked in his bedroom and hit my head on his bed. I was like "wtf am I doing here?"

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    I was out walking in a forest in my neighborhood with my brother. I had been smoking out of my little pipe while we walked. We came across a geocache and checked it out for a bit when I decided to take another hit.

    Right after I did, this family comes down into this side path a little ways off the main path and we just made some super awkward eye contact until they turned around and left
  17. One thing that comes to mind is something I made a thread about a few months back. Basically I got high as hell with a buddy and we went to visit our other friend who works at a liquor store. There was a teenage kid in there bawling his eyes out saying his mom hit him because he got bad grades and to call the cops. Long story short we talked this kid out of it and calmed him down a bit and then drove him to a friends house (in my car which we had just hotboxed). According to my buddy the kid has since been back to the store and thanked him for the help that night lol I know it's not "weird" in the same way a lot of these stories are but it was certainly weird helping out a crying kid with his emotions while that high
  18. One time my buddy and I were sitting in his grandmother's front yard smoking, and all of a sudden we hear a small noise so we look up and see this cat from hell just glaring into our souls. It was creepy as shit, I'v never thought of cats the same after that.

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  19. Well, one time me and my buddies smoked a shitload, and we went to  the grocery for snacks, and we saw like a whole fat family getting out of their car and one tripped, man we were laughing for a straight hour. And while we were buying snacks, one of the fat moms comes rolling to us on a scooter, and tells us its not polite to laugh at an accident, and we just start laughing again. She started mouthing off, and we just kept laughing, and then she pulled out like this 1995 cell phone the size of her son and it was hilarious ,the weirdest thing ever man, and she called the cops on us for disrupting the peace at the store. We got kicked out and the cops showed up like 50 minutes later, way after we left. I felt like a dick for laughing, but we smoked so much, I couldn't really get myself together when she was talking.

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