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[Poll] Thumb or index finger?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MooseyPoo, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Was watching some video on YouTube about a fortnight ago of some guy smoking and noticed they flicked their bic with their index finger. I personally use my thumb, wondered how you guys go about it. Are there any possible advantages of using your index finger over your thumb? 
    Anyway :smoking: :smoking:
    Take it easy

  2. Index. Harder to burn my hand that way
  3. I use the inside of my thumb
    I don't see how the index would have any advantages
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  4. Thumb, usually. Have used my index finger a few times though.
    No advantage to either, simply preference.
  5. both, only because when i use my thumb too much it gets sore
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  6. #6 bongtokes6200, Feb 5, 2014
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    i use my thumb, unless were doing a marathon and my thumb gets raw from flickin, then i'll go to the index for help..

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  7. I've never used my index before. Always my thumb.
  8. Oh dont say your thumbs get sore,'OMG the pain" must be to much to bare. Fuck i could keep lighting all day no problems.
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  9. Your thumbs get Raw....uh okay
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  10. Man up lady! ;)
    Nah, my wife will ask me to light her up for the same reason. She works with her hands (eye surgery) but she'll never develop the calluses that I have. 
  11. inside of my thumb,,, but i have a good friend that uses the outside of his thumb, looks awkward as shit haha
    Indica is good for pain.
    Stoner : hey Doc...I need a mmj prescription for pain
    Doc: What hurts?
    Stoner: My thumb....from flicking my bic all day
    Catch 22 and a vicious delicious cycle
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  13. index all day :b
    but sometimes will use thumb

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  14. i use different fingas sometimes if im using bic only and im spaarking my babe, i gotta use my main finger because of the angle.
  15. #15 sticky thumb, Feb 6, 2014
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    I remove the little safety thing first thing. Anybody else?

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    Oh and thumb
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  16. The only time I use my index finger is when I have my thumb stuck up my ass.
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  17. i always take em off! then when i use someone else's lighter that has it on, i gotta give it a couple ficks to get it going lol. it rolls so much easier with out that thing.

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  18. Usually thumb, but sometimes index when the thumb gets numb (especially when in winter).
  19. I use my thumb, unless the wind isn't in my favor, in that case is use my index. But it's weird and awkward imo
  20. I only use the thumb.

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