Poll Reveals 62% of California Voters Want Marijuana Regulated Like Wine

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  1. Poll Reveals 62% of California Voters Want Marijuana Regulated Like Wine
    RMLW / Steve Kubby / February 1, 2012

    A recent poll reveals that California voters, by a 62% to 35% margin, with 3% unsure, support a ballot initiative to regulate marijuana like wine.

    The statewide poll, by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, Inc. surveyed 800 likely voters and found that 80% of the respondents agreed to the statement, "State and federal drug laws are outdated and have failed, therefore, we need to take a new approach that makes sense for today."

    Voters in California will have an opportunity to take that new approach this November with the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 (RMLW), which will allow the state to regulate and tax marijuana and hemp.

    The California Attorney General has projected “savings of potentially several tens of millions of dollars annually to state and local governments of the costs of incarcerating and supervising certain marijuana offenders,” as well as potentially generating “hundreds of millions of dollars in net additional tax revenues related to the production and sale of marijuana products.“

    Likely voters also agree (by a margin of 71% to 24%) that state and local law enforcement agencies spend too much time, money and resources enforcing marijuana laws.

    RMLW Treasurer and Congressional Candidate (CA-33rd) Steve Collett hailed the poll results as evidence of widespread support for ending marijuana prohiion in California and nationwide. “There is no policy that is more discriminatory or wastes more tax dollars. This initiative helps farmers, reduces prison overcrowding, relieves burdens on the courts, generates revenues for the state, and frees up police to work on real crimes.”

    Jack Cole, co-founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohiion, a 50,000 member organization of police, prosecutors, judges, and supporters, said, “LEAP believes the citizens of California are far ahead of the federal government in assessing a policy that will reduce death, disease, crime, and corruption, when they register 62% support for the initiative Regulate Marijuana Like Wine.”
  2. That's a good idea..but it will never happen. Never.
  3. [quote name='"DEA"']That's a good idea..but it will never happen. Never.[/quote]

    Words of wisdom from the DEA hahah
  4. Yeah I wouldn't trust that "prob yes" BS.

    It's yes or no, and right now, yes is still losing.
  5. They had their fucking chance with Prop 19. They blew it. I don't give a shit, it's gonna take a few years before Cali gets her shit together
  6. Heard them saying on the radio that the majority in the U.S. wants it legalized.

    Wasn't it 49% for, 51% against a few years back? It's been predicted that the number of for would rise.

    Good luck to all of you U.S. citizens.
  7. The Prop 19 Campaign was awful... it was doomed to fail since its inception.

    I think this year there's a very good chance that somewhere in the US cannabis will be legalized at the state level.
  8. Probably SOMEWHERE.
  9. Don't worry, Michigan is gonna show you all how this is done;)
  10. Look at it this way, this day 5 years back we wouldn't have even had hope for it being leaglised.. ever.
  11. Until the Federal Government reclassifies cannabis from a Schedule 1 Controlled substance it doesn't matter what we do. 100% of the effort from California, Colorado, and Michigan should be used to put pressure on the Federal Government.

    Did you know that the gov't has a patent on the medicinal use of cannabinoids AND makes the claim that cannabis has no medical benefits? Why hasn't anyone who has the ability to make this point to the people who matter, made the point yet?

    Hypocrisy is just too much I guess. I'd hate to smear the Fed's face in their own patent...

    US Government
  12. Legalization? I am hoping my state passes a real medical marijuana law that allows it to be dispensed and allows me to grow, right now there is only a medical legal defense. I already have the grow tent, inline fan, filter, and nutrients.

  13. I disagree. Prop 19 lost by a pretty slim margin (IMO). This one already seems to have greater support in "certain circles" (i.e. some of those that opposed Prop 19).

    I believe it does matter what the states do. If the Federal Government removed cannabis from the CSA today it would still be illegal (for non-medical use) in every state in the union...everywhere in the U.S. All states must repeal their cannabis prohibition laws individually. Even after federal alcohol prohibition was repealed there were several states that continued their prohibition for years (Mississippi held out until 1966!).

    On the other hand there were several states that repealed their alcohol prohibition laws before the federal government did. They refused to assist the feds in enforcing prohibition. They helped put pressure on the feds to repeal.

    I do not believe that the DOJ/DEA have sufficient resources to enforce marijuana prohibition without help from the states.
  14. There was hella anti prop 19 propaganda flooding the airwaves every second, but I never once saw anything reasonable in terms of marketing for it.

    Also, only like one out of every ten people aged 18-25 actually came out and voted. Hella pathetic, makes me embarrassed to be part of that age bracket.
  15. I think they feel pretty confident in their polling methodology:

    Major Funders Awaiting Results of RMLW Poll | Regulate Marijuana Like Wine

  16. Don't give up that damn easy you gotta have something to hold on to it'll happen maybe not this year but soon enough hell I bet it'll pass this year.
  17. They only surveyed 800 people? Kind of renders this survey useless.

  18. Yes, cause theres easily enough money and manpower to survey 800 million ppl amirite?
  19. Blew it? I don't think we'd be where we are today if we didn't take that step. Awareness - that's what Prop 19 brought. RMLW looks fairly promising and from what I read today, there are several billionaires considering backing it because there's a good chance it will pass.

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