Poll ? - "Is it called "Kine Bud" or "Kind Bud"

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    Heres a poll vote on whether the correct term is "Kine Bud" or "Kind Bud". Take your vote to what you think is the correrct saying: is it "Kine Bud" or is it "Kind Bud". Alot of people have different theories/opinions on the correct saying, "kine" or "kind", so dont go & try to google the answer, we want the answer you think that is the correct way to say it & when you reply with your answer along with your vote give a reason why you think your answer is the right answer. This is not a matter of who's right or wrong, just a matter of "what you think/thought is the term". So Vote - "Kine" or "Kind", & after 3 days we will see the poll results, & the correct answer. Happy Voting:D
  2. LOL I do know the correct saying of WHETHER and its kind bud wtf is kine bud is that some hyrbid pine tree.
  3. I dont know the right answer, but around here everyone calls it "Kind"
  4. my bad on the sp, but take your vote.
  5. kine bud here
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  6. You will go to great lengths to be right wont you....hahaha. It's cool man. You must have a hard time walking around with that big brain.
  7. Voted for kind
  8. Kine bud? I think I saw that in the ebonics dictionary as the way to pronounce it maybe.
  9. if i remember correctly Kine means the best, hence that snowboarding brand Da Kine or was it surfboard cant remember, why would you want too name your bud kind? you dont want a kind bud you want it to be the best to just straight up skull fuck you! a guide in muai told me what da kine ment.
  10. thats not my intension, i just want to see what other ppl think, i will admit, i used to think it was what u think it is called:D, no bad vibes man;)
  11. take a vote

    vote for ur pick
  12. Nah,nah, no bad vibs at all dude.:smoke:

    I don't get bent about this stuff.

    I've been to Hawaii a few times man. While kine means the best, everyone I know there still calls it kind bud. Maybe I just don't know the right people. lol
  13. Personally I think neither really make sense. I voted kind bud because it almost makes sense.
  14. same here, most ppl call it what u call it, (not going to say bc of poll), but just wanted to for a lack of better words, "edjucate" ppl w/ the correct meaning, bc not only u, but other ppl have debated the correct meaning bc most ppl dont even know & assume its the other "d"
  15. If you know your cannabis culture history you know the correct pronunciation is Kine, deriving from Hawaiian slang.

    <table id="entries" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td class="index">
    </td> <td class="word"> kine: </td> <td class="thumbs_cell">

    </td> </tr> <tr> <td>
    </td> <td class="text" colspan="2"> A word derived from Hawaiian pidgeon meaning "the one" and also used to substitute a noun, to explain a degree of somthing, or when you just wen fo'get da name of somebody.
    Sub. for "the one": This pakalolo is da kine!
    Noun: I left my keys on da kine...(table)
    Degree: Theres small kine waves today.
    Sub. for a person's name: Where is da kine...Your braddah?
  16. nice addition +rep
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  17. Who would have thought that 3 million americans would be wrong. Haha. I sure as hell thought it was kind. After 16 years of smoking, everyone I know still calls it kind bud.

    I suppose I will have to inform them. You learn something new everyday.
  18. almost done
  19. Kine bud is what I learned it as growing up (98-04 middle school to high school years), but commonly heard it called "kind bud"... either way people would know what you mean but I'm 99% sure the correct term is kine bud... wish I could remember the supposed etymology of the word at the time. But my vote is definitely "kine"

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