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poll: how often do you shhmoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by frequent flyer, Dec 9, 2003.


how many times in a given week

  1. once or twice

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  2. whenever i got it

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  3. 10-14

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  4. all day long

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  1. i myself try to get a few in a day....when i can. what about you
  2. Whenever possible..:)
  3. Whenever i have it really, some days i don't smoke.

    Haven't got any now though, saving for a larger amount towards the end of the week :)
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  4. usually i'm matching some one at least once every two days and when i do do it though, we'll smoke like 6 bowls
  5. I've been buying eighths every week now, and i tend to smoke every night i have some. I need to take a few days break though, im starting to build up some tolerance, which sucks...
  6. I'm not really a heavy smoker, I blaze a few bowls a week
  7. i used to blaze every day, almost all day :D

    but i've cut back majorly to a couple times a week :)
  8. A good question, lol. I smoke daily, usually a few times in the evening. However, on the weekend it's more of an all day type thing. ;)

  9. same here =)
  10. well, used to be 3 or 4 times daily for a couple years. Lately I've been trying to cut down to only once at night, but it's not working so well because my friends always getting me;)
  11. I smoke about to boxs of dutchs a day. I like to matin in my natrule state of mind. I think it hlps my day out alot
  12. every night after work. atleast 3 joints shared between hubby and I, and if it's gonna be a long day ahead, we might share one before we go in to work. So on the average, we smoke 3 joints a day everday of the year.
  13. anything from 1-3 times a day, But i love my night time smoke thats the best.....

    i also throw in a couple days every so often where i dont smoke.
  14. i gotta wait til i go home...and i gotta wait til i get money...i'm broke and outta depressing :(

    but when i have it i smoke at least twice a day...if i have enough to last me a while i generally try to stay if i feel myself coming down i'll smoke some more...but if i'm getting close to the end of what i have for the time being i'll smoke only like once a day

    mmm...i love pot :D
  15. how many times a day do you smoke?

    if you asked me that a cple of months ago, i would say, how many times a day do you breathe...

    now 2-4 usually.
  16. I never put it away. I smoke from the time I get up til I go to bed. Expensive, but what else is there to do?
  17. My name....

    Say no more !!!!
  18. i knew you were out there!
  19. wake n bake to a sleep n bake

    i buy an eighth a day always have
    40 to 50 bucks a day but i gotta stay smokin
    if im not blazin im not right
    and im always right
    n e wayz i gotta blunt joint or bong in my hand at least 25 times a day well at least 7 sessions of hittin the bong or blunt til its done at least four bowls out the bong
    and my friends come thru a few times a day thats when we get 3 to 6 blunts goin around in 1 session

    so i blllllllllaaaaaaaazzzzzeeeeee
  20. Well...let's see...(counting j-stumps in ashtray)...I smoked about 15 j's since last time I emptied the ashtray. If only I could remember when that was

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