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[POLL] How much do you pay per gram of 'fire'? (US BLADES ONLY PLEASE)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spikeystud88, May 13, 2010.

  1. #1 spikeystud88, May 13, 2010
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    Apparently some people around here dont think $20/G is a normal street price for weed, so I made this thread.

    When buying single grams of high-grade green, how much do you pay?

    It's too late now, but please dont vote unless you're from the US.
  2. I just pay the electricity bill. :)

    But when I do buy, it's about $20 a gram.
  3. Here in MD it is. Matter of fact some dudes over her will try to sell some kush for $25, crazy right. But I hang out with friends and I get discounts.
  4. Yeah I live in Maryland too. People are always trying to sell 25 a gram shit. I don't go for that.
  5. Man, look at that - $20/G is already ahead by a mile...
  6. Oh canada where the bud is dank at 10 bucks for a full g

    no 0.8 gram crap here
  7. if you buy a single gram, yeah ill mostly be 20 a gram, but buy in bulk, it saves money my friend :smoking:
  8. of danks? 20 for like 1.8 ish

    or supppper danks, 20 for like 1.6ish, more or less

  9. Trust me, I know. I picked up a HP a few weeks ago, I buy in bulk.

    I made this thread to prove to all the dumb asses out there that $20/G IS THE NORMAL STREET PRICE.

    I dont care where you're fucking from, or who you know - the going price for MJ on the street is $20/G. Kids disagreed with me so I made a poll to see who was right.
  10. Mississippi prices blow pretty seriously hard, with $20-$25 being the normal per gram cost of potent-to-very-potent sensi, some pricks will try $30, but in those cases it's mostly just brick weed being sold to high school kids as "sour diesel reggie" or "blueberry kush reggie". The shit some people do. :/

  11. First of all, this thread wasn't directed specifically at you. I see kids on here bragging all the time about how they get $5 grams and how to them 'that's the norm' and shit like that. Or a new person will post saying "How much should a gram of NL run me?" and fuckers will answer with shit like "WELL HERE I PAY NO MORE THAN 1 PENNY PER GRAM, SO YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    That's what pisses me off. I wasn't mad at you, or anyone in particular - I'm mad at people giving false information, and that's why I made this thread.

    Let me repeat: this thread was not directed at you, so please calm yourself.
  12. Well then no hard feelings. Hopefully you can see where I was coming from by thinking you made this Thread as a result of what I said. That made no sense to me though and I didn't understand why you were being such a dick over four words. Peace and love, no homo.
  13. I buy $25 eighths of fire soooo about $7 a gram?
  14. No worries, I think we both got confused. I've been meaning to do this for a while and never got around to it.

    I should've limited this to US only, because we're the only ones getting raped by $20 grams. Of course in CA and BC they're getting grams for $5-$10...
  15. #17 Canada x 420, May 13, 2010
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    wow good thing were all stoners or this would never have cooled down

    were all like

    edit; oh sorry spikey the thread didn't say only the US when i voted.

    I voted 10 a g so, that can get scratched off
  16. Well at least I reminded you, :wave:.

    I naturally don't like starting things but I'm not one to sit around and take it either. Simple misunderstandings, :p.
  17. Lol true, I can thank you for that :D. I'd rep ya but I'm all out for the day...weak
  18. I pay 25 for exotic but around 3-5 for high mids.

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