POLL: Holocaust...Yes or No?

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  1. We all know that changing the future can have consequences...would you let the Holocaust happen and play itself out or not?

    I may get some heat for this, but I would, I think it taught us all a valuable lesson minus death toll obvious
  2. You are fired.

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  4. We were discussing the holocaust in world history class and i brought up a point saying that the world would be even more overcrowded and our ecoemy would would be worse off if the holocause HADN'T of happend.

    I got so much heat because people misheard it (or just heard what they wanted to hear). They thought that i was speaking against jewish people and condoning the deaths of millions, which i WASN'T doing.

    Rather than being specific about the RACE of the people that were killed, i was talking about the number.

    So in my honest oppinion i really dont know. A holocaust against a specific RACE of people, NEVER. But simply to lower the headcount a little, it depends if the econemy got bad enough
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loOTAw5GyI8]Louis CK - Kill or Rape Hitler - YouTube[/ame]
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    No that's the same way I feel, I don't hate jews or anything, I just think that if something is meant to be, it will. Plus they were baked, it could've been worse without a doubt so things kind of evened themselves out. Overpopulation is definitely an issue, and also think about Anne Frank's Story...She wouldn't get to be famous if it didn't happen!
  7. it may have been a good lesson for the modern world, but I still voted no
    wouldn't allow that man.
  8. What the fuck does Helen Keller have to do with the Holocaust?
  9. LOL I meant Anne Frank!!
  10. 5 people said no??? What is this
  11. Lol @ anyone who thinks the holocaust helped population control.. 20 million is nothing compared to the worlds population. Mothers fathers children, all rounded up and forced to work in death camps where they had no food and turned to skeletons walking around.. The fact that anyone wouldnt stop the holocaust is mind boggling. Maybe I've just read too much about what the poor people actually went through..

  12. :rolleyes:
  13. I think op is trying to say that he/she means a MASS EXTINCTION OF LIFE. Not just focusing on the holocaust. Im sure that situation was just chosen because it had a very high death toll. I dont think he/she personally means "The Holocaust"
  14. id stop it, cus then israel wouldn't have been formed and we wouldnt be dealing with half the shit we are now in the middle east
  15. Lol my bad I keep reading the fucking post wrong hahaha. I love the Jews.. Fuck the holocaust
  16. if you get rid of the Holocaust you have to get rid of ever other massacre
  17. What happens if you fail to stop Hitler, he accidentally finds your cell phone, the Nazis get a huge boost in their technology, and they take over the world?

    I'd just let it happen and instead travel to 1969 and have fun.
  18. No I mean the holocaust for sure, it's one of the more recent mass murders I learned something from, it's like comparing it to the ice age, like I personally don't feel bad for anyone that died in the ice age, cause its more funny as time passes by, so most of us can care less.
  19. Oh so your talking about the old holocaust? My bad lol when i read that i got the idea that you were asking if we would stop a new holocaust from happening.

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