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  1. Sadly this is the only spot available. Near my house is a canal that, after 10 miles of boating leads to the ocean. People occasionally pass by in boats, mostly at high speeds, and those who go slow (at walking speed) are fishing and they usually dont even look up. Ok enough about that, back to my spot. The walls of this canal are wery steep (about a 100 degrees to the water) and tall (5 feet from water surface), there is this one area where a huge black pipe runs across the canal about 6 feet from the water. Well this one area has a little less of a slope, I was wondering if this is a good place just to put one plant in lst and fimmed. Oh yah I forgot to mention that I live in a gated community with security and they pass by in cars every once in a while at pretty fast speeds and I am pretty sure they dont look down there unless they want to drown in the canal. If you have any questions/suggestion/comments post.
  2. Come on gimme some input........... im sure you guys know wat a canal is?
    Here is a visual aid to help the pic is in the document.

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  3. i smoke outside my dorm everyday with people walking around never really thought about it, and i have smoked with the safety people and an RA or two
  4. sounds a little risky to me. If I were you I'd look around a little more.
  5. dude if ur talking about places to smoke i think ur being a little paranoid im sure u can find a place... remember no one can tell a cig or cigar from a j or blunt un less the can smell it
  6. well, its a bad idea if anything near 6' could be seen from the water.. and well.. get further from people man even 1 plant stinks.
  7. Show us some photos, even mobile phone photos would be better than nothing!
  8. umm i dont think i could get photos but i think i can get a pic sorta like it
  9. this is cool i found the exact spot.... and by the way I was talking about growing

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  10. that globe shit is crazy
  11. I wouldent grow anywhere near water (except a swamp) since water attracts people and animals.

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