Poll for those of you who smoke before bed

Discussion in 'General' started by pistolgrip, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Do you smoke before or after you brush your teeth?
  2. i love brushing my teeth while blazed, esp if you have bomb toothpaste, taste so good.
  3. i said after but i guess it depends how im feeling. normally i dont wanna lose the weed taste so ill brush before

    i think ur question should be changed to do u brush ur teeth after or before cuz its kinda complicated the way it is. ive had to change my answer like 3 times cuz i kept answering the wrong question

  4. lol sorry for the confusion bro.

    but personally i like smokin then ridding my teeth of all residue, then crashin
  5. idk i do that sometimes too but normally i dont like doing that shit high so i do it before. i used to like showering blazed but now by the time im out of the shower my high is almost gone for some reason
  6. Dude, this thread made me realize my smoke to teeth brushing ratio is way fucked up, damn I need to brush more, thanks for helping me realize it.

  7. what are friends for? :smoke:
  8. always smoke before
    my teeth get a thorough cleaning when i'm blazed

    i don't miss a spot :)
  9. I brush my teeth after I smoke cuz my girl says that my breath "wreaking of pot" is a turn-off. Long story short, if I want a shot at nookie when I go to bed, I gotta brush my teeth.
  10. blazing after brushing seems pretty pointless. you scrub all the crap off of ur teeth just to smoke and put some more tar n shit on ur teeth that stays their overnight
  11. toothpaste is awesome tasting while blazed.
    why brush then allow that shit to get on your teeth?

    crest vivid white for the win
  12. Definately before. My teeth would be hideous if I didn't smoke weed. Whenever i'm blazed i always zone out while brushing and end up brushin my teeth for like five minutes
  13. I love using mouth wash baked.
  14. dude wtf same thing haha
  15. usually before and after, the feeling of smooth teeth is soooo nice baked
  16. Smoke before brush...gets rid of cotton mouth as well.
  17. before, weed and minty stuff tastes hella weird to me.
  18. brush????? the only brush i use is for my hair.....what other brush is this u guys are talking about?
  19. not right before i go to bed but ill blaze at like 11 or 12 if im gonna be up watching TV

    i think its waste to smoke then go str8 to sleep
  20. brushing my teeth takes away my high, same with mouthwash.

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